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battle of orbulak episode 1 urdu subtitles

Battle Of Orbulak Overview

The Battle of Orbulak Episode 1 was fought in 1643 between Jangir Khan and Huntaiji Erdeni Batur, resulting in the defeat of Erdeni Batur’s army by the Yalantush Bahadur Kazakhs, led by Jangir Sultan (later Jangir-Khan) with the assistance of the Uzbek Emir of Samarkand. The battle of orbulak episode 1 dirilistv, fought during a series of Kazakh-Dzungar Wars, was one of the initial turning points in the liberation war of the Kazakhs against the Dzhungar invasion in the 17th century.

Battle Of Orbulak Episode 1 Urdu

Zhangir Khan with 600 officers are profoundly settled in the valley of the waterway Orbulak Dzungarian Alataui held up in snare until the appearance of the primary powers of the Kazakhs in the way of an obscure number of Junggar armed force (by wellspring of around 50 thousand individuals), headed by Erdeni-Batur. Half of champions coordinated check in the manner, and the lay spread out on the bluffs, subsequently setting up a trap dzhungar.

Jangir Khan’s 600 soldiers were deeply entrenched in the valley of the river Orbulaq in the southwestern foot slopes of the Dzungarian Alatau and waited in ambush for the arrival of the main forces of the Kazakhs in the way of an unknown number of Dzhungar army (estimated at around fifty thousand men strong) led by Erdeni-Batur.[2] Half of the warriors organized obstacles in the path and the rest spread out on the cliffs, preparing an ambush on Dzhungars.

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Battle Of Orbulak Episode 1 Urdu DirilisTV

In Battle of orbulak episode 1 urdu, firearms were massively used by Kazakhs for the first time, and in the first hours of battle the Dzhungars lost many of those marching in the avant-garde, due to gunfire. Then, the aid troops of the Bukhara Khanate, led by Emir of Samarkand Zhalantos batyr, hit the Dzhungarian arrière-garde from the rear. Erdeni-batur was forced to retreat to Dzungaria.

At a critical moment, Sultan Jankir, the Sultan of the Kazakhs is captived by Bator, the King of Jangar, who is planning a war of extermination against the Kazakh people. He plans to kill Jankir because he’s considering him as a threat. Will the attempts to free Jankir from captivity succeed?

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