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kurulus Osman Epiosde 44

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Kurulus Osman Episode 44 Important Question Season 1

Will Lena Hatun betray Osman Bey and make a deal with Flatyos in order to save her son Bayhoca?

Did Aya Nikola kill the Prosecutor Bey, who took action to save his son Bayhoca? Or did he take prisoner?

The funeral that Cerkutay brought to Kayı Obas is not that of the Prosecutor. So who is this person who was martyred and brought to the camp?

What was in the chest that Aya Nikola opened in the last scene of the trailer and was surprised the moment he saw it?

Bala Hatun’s father, Sheikh Edebalı, is included in the series?

Will Osman Bey give the Kulucahisar Castle to St. Nicholas to save his nephew Bayhoca? Will Aksu Hatun, whom Hazal Hatun brought to marry Osman Bey, pass the examination of Bala Hatun and marry Osman Bey?

And won’t Malhun Hatun come to the series with Aksu Hatun’s arrival?

What is the great battle the Pope’s men are telling Aya Nikola, and between whom?

What is the task that Osman Bey gave to Abdurrahman Gazi and that only he could do?

Is it a coincidence that Göktuğ Alp is Alpbaşı and Aygül Hatun is the head of the Bacıyans?

And when will Göktuğ Alp be included in the series?

Will we be able to see Dumrul Alp and Eftelya, who attracted attention in the last episode, as a couple in the next episodes?

You will learn the answers to all these questions and more in a minute.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Now let’s move on to the answers to the anticipated questions. Before we move on to the betrayal of Lena Hatun, let’s start with who the most curious body of Cerkutay brought to Kayı Obas belongs. According to my analysis, this martyred person brought by Cerkutay could be the cook Aristo, Zülfikar dervish or another man of Şeyh Edebalı.

However, since the men of Şeyh Edebali will not appear in such a simple way and will not be shown as dead in the series, this martyr will be the Cook Aristotle. And his daughter Eftalya will also be taken prisoner. Aya Nikola had already in the last chapters assigned this spy Helen, who was in the castle even before us, to investigate.

And in the next episode, the corpse of the cook Aristo will be sent to the camp with Cerkutay to intimidate Osman Bey.

He will also send Ana Nikola Bayhoca’s armor with him and try to put Osman Bey in a more difficult situation. So while all this was happening, where was the Savcı Bey?

Because in the scene where Cerkutay brings the corpse to the obese, it is as if the martyred person is shown as the Prosecutor Bey, Lena Hatun thought that this person was the Prosecutor Bey, so will you establish your principality over her brother and nephew, Osman Bey?

It means that the Prosecutor Bey left the camp and went to rescue his son Bayhoca with the order of Osman Bey or maybe he was unaware of Osman Bey. He probably even met Aya Nikola or his men, and Aya Nikola says to Bayhoca that Savcı Bey, the son of Ertuğrul Gazi, will die because of you. So things will get mixed up in the next episode.

But be sure, neither the Prosecutor nor Bayhoca will die in the next episode, at least in the hands of Aya Nikola. Now on the topic of Lena Khatun and her betrayal. According to my analysis, with Lena Hatun’s son Bayhoca being taken prisoner and his wife Prosecutor Bey not being in the camp in the next episode, of course he will not go to his tent and wait until they come.

Most likely, he will try to contact Flatyos, who loved him in the past and whose beliefs were the same. However, this is completely something that can happen in my scenario. I’m telling you so don’t be surprised if it happens. Because this kind of thing was not given in the trailer, but I still wanted to explain it.

Lena Hatun will make a deal with Flatyos so that her son Bayhoca can be saved. In return, he will give information that can trap Osman Bey or his alps. But be sure, even if there is such a scenario, Osman Bey will be saved before he gets into a difficult situation. On the one hand, we can understand Bayhoca’s definite escape with Osman Bey’s big oath in the last scene of the previous episode.

Because they made Osman Bey say such a great oath in terms of the script in the series, so Osman Bey will definitely save Bayhoca in the next episode. Now, what was the ballot box sent to Aya Nikola in İnegöl that surprised him so much after it was opened? According to my analysis, in this chest, either the closest of Aya Nikola will be the heads of Flatyos and Alexander, or the heads of the landlords in other castles called by Aya Nikola to İnegöl Castle.

It will probably be the second I said. Because Flatyos will not leave the series in such a simple way. In fact, the great war the Pope’s men told Aya Nikola will start to prevent Osman Bey from rising in Anatolia because of these events. However, Osman Bey will win this war. But he will suffer great losses in these wars. Now let’s come to the very important task that Osman Bey gave to Abdurrahman Gazi, that only he can do.

According to my analysis, the reason that only Abdurrahman Gazi can do this task is that Abdurrahman Gazi has confidence in the word Bey and will not question it. Because Osman Bey could also assign this task to his brother Gündüz Bey or Bamsı Bey. But he gave it to Abdurrahman Gazi.

Because we know that Abdurrahman Gazi fulfilled the duties assigned to him without question. There are many possibilities about this task, but it may also be about Göktuğ Alp, who left the camp, or about the surrounding camps. When the trailer of the next episode is given, a more detailed analysis will come if information is given about this subject. In my past analysis, I have already said that Göktuğ went with Targun Hatun.

But it will not last long in this episode or at most, after one episode, we will see Göktuğ in the series. Of course, Osman Bey will give the Kulucahisar Castle to Aya Nikola to save his nephew Bayhoca, but he will take it back as he gave. Most likely, the heads inside the ballot boxes sent to Aya Nikola will also be related to this incident.

I told you about Aksu Hatun, the assistant of Hazal Hatun, who is newly included in the series, in my past analysis, this girl will be something like a spy. And, as always, many analyzes proved correct, on this girl and on the Bayhoca issue. Aksu Hatun will take the exam of Bala Hatun and even go to the end, be sure.

However, the true face of Aksu Hatun will be revealed at the end. Although it is not known how long the actor who plays the character of Aksu Hatun will stay in the series or whether he is a guest actor, the reason why this character came to the series is actually that the character of Malhun Hatun is not ready yet. Because if Malhun Hatun was ready, Malhun Hatun would be included in the series instead of this character.

So first Targun Hatun finished and now Aksu Hatun started. When Aksu Hatun leaves the series, Malhun Hatun will be included in the series. With Aygül Hatun being the head of the Bacıyan people, Göktuğ Alp being Alpbaşı and being included in the series again, there will of course be interactions between them.

In the previous episode, Bala Hatun gave information about his father, Sheikh Edebali, and said that when he returned from Hajj, Insha’Allah he will stop by the oba, excited us all.

However, the actor, who played the character of Şeyh Edebalı in the first season, said that he left the series in his post on his social media account. So, the decrease in the scene of the character of Kumral Abdal may be related to the gradual departure from the series and the inclusion of Sheikh Edebalı in the series.

However, it is still unclear. Maybe Sheikh Edebali may die before returning from Hajj. According to my analysis on Dumrul and Eftalya, there will probably be something between Dumrul and Eftalya in the next chapters.

And the first interactions between them will take his daughter Eftalya, after the cook Aristotle is caught, and Dumrul Alp will save him from there.

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