Kurulus Osman Episode 22 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 22 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 22 Reviews – dirilistv

O son! Let the nation be in the shadow of the crescent! Let Fatih be oppressed! Let Yavuz be the wrongdoers! May Solomon be on the Realms! Let the state be with Ebet! Founded Osman. The lofty that fills our hearts with the light of faith With 99 names of Allah, Entire Organization Osman Hail to those who love it.

The famous dream of Osman Bey, who was finally expected We’ll see. Personally, before the first episode of the series was filmed Founding this dream Osman 1. Producer showing us the introduction of Congratulating Mehmet Bozdag brother I would. The first episode of the series with more episodes never thought it would be so connected good job.

Some Question About kurulus Osman Season 1 Epiosde 22

Now let’s come to the highly anticipated questions respond to.

  • Two black dressed people who saved Osman Beywho is the person The only answer and precise information.
  • Why did Alişar Bey slap Aygül Hatun?
  • And where was Dundar Bey?
  • Why was this event silent?
  • Or had Kayı Obası been raided?
  • Osman Bey, this episode of his famous dream will he see?
  • Sheikh Edebalı, who heard this dream,Will Bala give Hatun to Osman Bey?
  • With the words of Bahadır Bey, Alişar Bey andIs Dundar Bey’s break down?
  • Osman Bey’s real Genghis Khan LawsI told you months ago that it didn’t. But where are the real Genghis Khan Laws?
  • What is between Bahadır Bey and Burçin Hatunis happening?

All of these questions and more You will be able to learn the answer soon. If you are my tight reader, passing most of our week’s analysis is correct you see it coming out.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

Now let’s move on to the analysis. Have a good time.

Our first question is the black who saved Osman BeyWho are the 2 dressed? These two people are likely to be manybut first of all who can not be I would like to say. The first one is Sungurtekin, although we want itBey and Gündoğdu Bey. I saw this possibility in a comment soby telling the truth, you expect I don’t want to keep it.

The reason is that these two people directly Shooting daggers when they see Osman Bey, normally if Sungurtekin Bey or Gündoğdu Mr. Bey would draw swords directly, so this two people are either a dervish, a scholar or a physician persons.

What if they are not the second personNeither Ertuğrul Bey nor Turgut Bey. To the people who can now and really Let’s come to who these people are. In fact, my first thought was Savcı Bey. but after watching the trailer in detail and after brainstorming I realized There is also the possibility of being the Prosecutor, but the main the high probability of Sheikh Edebalımen. So Ahiler. There may even be Aksakals in the same way but now that you have these people I will explain the main reason.

First, in the trailer, these people Osman Osman Sheikh tied behind a horse They bring it to Edebalı’s dervish butAs you know, this route has not been established yet. even so this is going to be a dervish there are a few people who know if they know the way, these people areor Aksakallılar.

As a result, Aksakals are also everywherehe knows his ear but that’s all the only option is Sheikh,Edebalı’s men remain. But first of all, normally I am from Sheikh Edebaand I was going to eliminate your men because in the trailer Osman Bey on his way to the Sheikh Sheikh Edebalıand the guys next to it all we’ve seen before They are in the department and they work.

So these two people who saved Osman Bey werethey are outside, so these two people the men of Sheikh Edebalı, who did not come to the magazine. And I guess one of these people let alonecan. Even when coming to Sheikh Edebalı for helpSaw Osman Bey injured they took it and brought it to Derka.

And that means these people,they don’t know or they are in a hurry, ok still When they were on the back of Osman Bey,so actually I am one of those people I wish I was a prosecutor. But if the Prosecutor was, then the SheikhIf there is no relation between literary and direct, Kayı brought him to Obası.

If there is a relationship between Sheikh Edebalıread from nothing without bringing it to Derka Çıkarırdı. So this person is likely to be the Prosecutor.No more after these explanations. Backwards only the men of Sheikh Edebalıstaying.

And this means that this road is on the way to Konya, by Balgay,He has ambushed Commander Böke and Osman Bey close to the ground that Böş in the trailer immediately AlişarI go to Bey and I know where they are says. So probably in the next seasonsBala Hatun and Sheikh Edebalı will not go far they will always stay nearby.

Now let’s come to Alişar Bey and Aygül Hatun. Why did Alişar Bey slap Aygül Hatun? Alişar Bey’s Aygül Hatun to the weddingbe able to slap after there are two reasons. The first one is Aygül Hatun or really OsmanBey regretted what he did and still Doubts about Alişar Bey have not passedand that’s why he wants to see Osman Bey. Or you still don’t regret it and this isseeing Osman Bey died for good luck he insists he wants and ultimately.

He will also talk to Alişar Bey and he will With this nerve, Aygül will slap Hatun. But in this part, although Dundar Bey’sAlthough it was given the impression that it was in the mansion Kaydar Bey has already left and KayiObası will be on his way. But unfortunately he will also defend Kayı ObasıUnfortunately, because nobody is left now, Dundar Mr. Kayı can sit on the Obasi post. Because everyone is in the mansion of Alişar Beyhad come to raid.

Now let’s come to Osman Bey’s famous dream. Osman for those who do not know or forget brieflyBey Shaykh Edebalı’s day dreams and after dreaming this dreamhe tells to Şeyh Edebalı right after. Briefly from Sheikh Edebalı’s bosom in a dreama moon was born and Osman Bey in the bosom and out of the bellythat the tree covers the whole world He has seen. When he wakes up, he tells this to Sheikh Edebalı.

He will give the good news and be the sultan,says he will establish a state and as a result by interpreting this month’s piece to Bala Hatunand Osman Bey and Bala Hatun is also willing to marry. So in this episode, most likely, this dreamWe’ll see. In the trailer, Bahadır Bey is one of Alişar Bey’sor to Dündar Bey doing that part of the game is not known yetbut between Alişar Bey and Dündar Bey says words that will open Dundar BeyBahadır Bey also hated Osman Is it because he wants to make me Kayı Beysays. So Bahadır Bey knows something hereand he told his father Dündar Bey gave an answer.

But the real problem is Dundar Bey if AlişarIf he catches Bey’s lies one by one and this time the murderer of his son Batur OsmanBey is not and may be Alişar Bey if he saw the truth thenDündar Bey will start coming to the right path will change the balances.

Osman Bey’s real Genghis Khan LawsI told you months ago that it didn’t. But where are the real Genghis Khan Laws? First of all, these laws are fake at firstLet’s come to the time. At first you remember AksakalsHe even gave Osman Bey real laws When Osman Bey gave Balgay these lawsHe read Balgay and saw that they were real.

Of course, he was later captured by Osman Bey,then Batur stole from Osman Bey Then a Mongolian commander came and KayıIn his obası, both Osman Bey and his laws While taking it to Geyhatu, Osman Beythis time, he got rid of the laws he took and ran away. For personal cooperation only afterwardsI believe that you will give these laws to Yannis there was none.

So that’s when I figured out they were fakebut actually these laws are at the very beginning From the time Batur stole the lawsIt was fake. So consider the huge Genghis Khan Laws,it’s not that simple. The Real Laws Osman Bey believed Balgaybut after taking it back, definitely fake built and against the possibility of being stolenhid the facts. In fact, let me remind this scene for evidence.to you.

Osman Bey was stolen by lawWhen she learns she feels betrayed, he didn’t care to be stolen. So in this scene, I am already in doubtregain the laws after it had fallen I said to Yannis and I said okaythe laws are absolutely fake. Even then, these laws will require Balgaywith such a plan because he thinks He shot two birds with one stone.

In other words, this information from months agoI gave it, I am glad that it turned out right. Let’s come now, Bahadır Bey and Burçin Hatunwhat’s going on? Personally after so much rush and betrayalThis was expected from Burçin Hatun. After the betrayal, the hereafter of Bamsı Bey’s sonit would be wrong though. There are many betrayals here but I think this is bigIt was good to have betrayal. Because Burçin Hatun’s real out of nothingEveryone has seen his face.

Then when he was alone, he told Bahadır Bey when two smiles mean Bahadır Bey he feels something about it, and he pays offHe gave. So for sure in the next episodes Be on two stages as two rogues We’ll see. Finally, our extra information and then Let’s move on to the drawing conditions. What scenes will we see in the next episodes? And how long will the series continue? First of all, the series will continue 6 more episodes. So the average is 27. will give the season finale in the episode.

We will watch one of these 6 episodes next week. According to Alişar Bey, he is not dead, Dündar Bey did not learn the facts, Kulucahisar Castlenot conquered, Osman Bey has not yet seen his dream and it has been said to be coming for monthsSelcan Hatun Obası, Ertuğrul Bey and The prosecutor has not arrived yet. And this should be until the finalfor and not all will be gathered in one section most likely in the new episode every week this is one of the big things I said we will see on the screens. So the next episodes will be legendary.

And our analysis of the same importancewill continue as well. The lottery conditions will be very simpleal. The reward is, although nowadays,even though I want to buy something he wants something will work for everyone at any ageUnfortunately, even though I want something to happen, our raffle because there is nothingit will be directly on money. Some of the money I earned for this monthI will distribute it to you every week.

But of course, if the income increases, not every week we can draw lottery every 2-3 days. For example, let’s say this month views, likesif the comments are low, I will give you the money the amount may decrease but if the views areif there are a lot of likes or comments then the amount of money I will give will increase.

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