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Kurulus Osman Episode 23 reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 23 reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About kurulus Osman Season 1 Epiosde 23

Now let’s come to the highly anticipated questions respond to.

  • Geyhatu, who set off towards Söğüt, Osman According to Bey’s plan, he is really on the road it was killed, killed and replaced Will Balgay be passed?
  •  Arrow shot by Aygül Hatun in the trailer Bala Did he hit Hatun or Gonca Hatun?
  •  With Osman Bey and Balgay’s Commander Böke In the trap he established, Alişar Bey and Dündar Will they be able to catch and kill Bey?
  •  Or thanks to Bahadır Bey following Konur Will this trap cause problems for Osman Bey? 
  •  On the speaking stage of Kongar and Balgay In Kongar’s speech to Balgay, after he says father he is still still in Balgay feels owed to him?

 All of these questions and more You will learn the answer soon.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

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Our first question is on the way to Söğüt. According to Osman Bey’s plan, Geyhatu really defeated on the road, killed and will Balgay be replaced instead? The answer to this question is our history and script

I will blend and explain so listen well. Geyhatu what we normally know now is whatever as much as the Mongolian Ruler Although it may appear that his brother Argun Han normally to rule Anatolia and Turks by order sent for the purpose of worshiping Buddhism someone

By the way, anything against the religion of Buddhism I’m not saying. But as you normally know, the Mongols Genghis Khan Laws, or Erlik like Balgay A race that believes in Han. In history, separate entertainment and festivities Geyhatu is known for his full life fun a ruler of life. When this is the case, his brother Argun Han Mongolian Because he will be the ruler and his drunkard brother so that it does not pose any threat he sends him to Anatolia.

But come see that after being sent to Anatolia some of the Turkish tribes after a certain time it troubles itself, opposes and Eşrefoğulları and Karamanoğulları It destroys their principality. Why Kayılar does not oppose this part if you say they are actually against but even if they have the end principality in Eşrefoğulları and Karamanoğulları 

They are stronger and more powerful than them. That’s why Geyhatu destroys them first. Then most likely to other oba but it was time to turn around Antalya while his brother Argun Han’s news of death on the way back to Ahlat Proclaiming that he was the Mongolian ruler and then of course again to Anatolia new episodes of the series for now I will be enough to explain this much. 

 Now let’s come together with the series scenario section. Normally Geyhatu Söğüt, Kayı obasi in history it doesn’t come to the sides but the future He said. So here is probably what I just described Geyhatu like other Turkmen Obaları will also loot. When the queue will come to Kayı Obası, Upon receiving the news that Argun Han is dead at this end, he will have to return He will also kill Balgay, who causes trouble for him. 

In this part, Osman Bey will step in. Agreement-style events with Geyhatu maybe even Balgay to Geyhatu Osman Bey can. Then, for a certain period of time, Geyhatu it will not come, it will not cause any problems. And very big events according to the series scenario events are described as though they will be experienced Geyhatu will be finished before he grows.

Now let’s come to our other question in the trailer Aygül Is the arrow shot by Hatun Bala Hatun? Did he hit Gonca Hatun? First of all, Aygül Hatun’s Alişar Bey’s why he got out of his mansion let’s.

 There may be many reasons for this. For example, to make medicine with Zöhre Hatun collecting weed, out of boredom go out, go hunting, may be the reason. But you are waiting with a bow and arrow in hand If we put it in, all these reasons are rubbish is happening.

 Maybe he probably wanted to hunt but because Alişar Bey is also a wife I don’t think they will leave it to him so probably with Bala Hatun He may have heard of Osman Bey’s marriage or something like that we don’t know when they learn their way he might have ambushed.

 But in this part, Aygül Hatun Bala Hatun It will hit. It is a pity any episode to Bala Hatun something is coming right after marriage I don’t think there will be a job, but Now let’s leave the guesswork and move on to the evidence. the proof is the strongest, so he I will say. When the first evidence Aygül Hatun shot the arrow a voice called ah a little bit thicker than that and Bala Hatun his voice is not that thick either. 

 The second proof is that 3 chickens are walking first Bala Hatun in the middle Gonca Hatun and in the back There is also Selcan Hatun. When the arrow shot by Aygül Hatun hit someone first Selcan Hatun towards the shot this person is running right in front of him, and then he turns his head to the left, trying to see the person who shoots the arrow looking at the person who fell to the ground right in front of him.

 So this person is likely to be Gonca Hatun. the moment is very high, but in the third proof As you know, for a long time Gonca We cannot see Hatun in the series. Even the marriage of Osman Bey and Bala Hatun We couldn’t even see it on the stage

So if we see Gonca Hatun now this scene make sure there is a reason so Gonca Hatun will be the hit person. Now let’s come to our next question, Osman Bey and In Balgay’s trap with Commander Böke, Catching Alişar Bey and Dündar Bey will they be able to kill?

 Normally in this trap, Osman Bey and Alişar Bey and Dündar Bey at the same time was thinking about catching and finishing their work But Konur and Böke’s speech Bahadır bey who sees and follows Konur most likely to learn their location Osman will follow until the trailer even Bey, Gündüz Bey, everyone else When it comes first there is Konur We see. So Bahadır Bey will learn this place and go will tell his father Dündar Bey. 

 Then when the opposite of what Böke said, Dundar Bey will not come to this game but here there will be two very important things. The first one is Dundar Bey Osman Bey’s real and learned that Böke and immediately went to Alişar Bey He will tell that if this happens, for Osman Bey it would be very bad.

 But if there are doubts after the last episode increasing and doubting about Alişar Bey Dündar Bey will not tell this to Alişar Bey and he will try to do something. If there is a second possibility, in the next section or in the next episode, Dundar Bey and his son Batur’s murderer is Alişar Bey will learn and Alişar Bey’s death We’ll see. Now let’s come to our last question, of Kongar and Balgay.

 Kongar’s Balgay at the speaking stage in his speech, after calling him father really still against Balgay Does it feel borrower? There’s no such thing completely, guys. Although what Kongar says is true although Balgay is the real one for Congar Separated from life, family, religion someone and Göktuğ made him forget his name someone. 

That’s why Göktuğ is for Balgay will hate more and never change sides. We gradually came to the end of our analysis. Like the video to participate in the raffle don’t forget to comment. 

Because the comments of the lottery winners I’ll choose. You are the first to know about my next videos if you want to be a subscriber to the channel then don’t forget to turn on notifications ring. See you in our next videos May God be with you.

Kurulus Osman Episode 23 reviews done !!
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