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Kurulus Osman Episode 25 reviews – dirilistv

Some Question About kurulus Osman Season 1 Epiosde 25

Now let’s come to the Kurulus Osman Episode 25 highly anticipated questions respond to.

  • Did Kongar kill his brother Konur Alp? 
  • When I say Bamsı Bey for my sons, He was talking about? 
  • Ebubekir Sıddık, whom he replaced his son, Was he martyred by Sofia?
  •  Kongar Osman Bey in the first scenes and how did it happen when his brother was with Konur with Balgay on the opposite side in the combat scene passed? 
  • Bala Hatun, Burçin Hatun and genius Selcan Hatun, How to catch the trap of Hazal Hatun? 
  • And who was Hazal Hatun interviewed with?
  •  Congar, who has washed his mind again, has recovered Will he be able to return to Göktuğ?
  •  In the last scene of the trailer, Osman Bey’s shot ok who hit?
  • why did Osman Bey smile? 
  • What is Subutay and Geyhatu’s plan with Balgay? 
  • Zöhre Hatun, even though he was guilty captured Hazal Hatun suddenly killed her?
  • Hazal Hatun, Zöhre Hatun’s speech didn’t he want What will be Hazal Hatun’s other big plan?

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 Now let’s move on to our analysis and have a good time. Did Kongar kill his brother Konur? Although Konur received by Kongar Although the wound is very serious, this wound is put It will kill. Even on a scene in the trailer that he was not already dead We see. Notice if Kongar is tied to the tree The alp next to Osman Bey looks towards the ground. So it means that Konur is on the ground and they treat it or take them to try. When I say Bamsı Bey for my sons, He was talking about? Or Ebubekir Sıddık, whom he replaced his son, Was he martyred by Sofia? 

n this part, Bamsı Bey lost his own son. but when I say for my sons, I lost the style that I will not lose the other will actually speak. Even at the end of the trailer, Osman Bey, our helper, Hizir Ata says to have a comrade. So if they said it for Sıddık So Sıddık is in a very difficult situation and they have to be quick to save it. Our other question is in the first scenes of the trailer When Kongar Osman and his brother were with Konur how come Balgay and cenk scene crossed to the other side? 

First of all, Balgay’s mind is just new drug reconstruction of Kongar giving you blurring your mind and what’s right who doesn’t understand what’s wrong, turns it into a puppet that does what is said. What Balgay told Kongar is also great Probably, Osman Bey and his alps thinks the man go get involved The time of war will be late for us. Congar, who already has a brain, will do what he says. Bala Hatun, Burçin Hatun and genius Selcan Hatun, How to catch the trap of Hazal Hatun? And who was Hazal Hatun interviewed with? 

 As you can see first, Hazal Hatun not a normal business at all. Let Selcan Hatun be in that scene in the trailer, Let Bala Hatun be or Burçin Hatun that they got information and follow Hazal Hatun they needed to. If this information comes from Burçin Hatun and Burçin Hatun this time betrayed them to the side of Hazal Hatun passed and mislead them then nothing good will happen. However, the person interviewed by Hazal Hatun His brother Çobanoğulları Bey or his other brother I don’t think he is a Seljuk Vizier. And I think the person he meets is a will be the man.

 So you will get news. However, these scenes with great care Hazal It will be part of Hatun’s trap. Another question is that the mind is washed again Kongar will recover and turn into Göktuğ you? Elbet Kongar recovered again and Göktuğ but this process will turn into challenging It will be. But don’t worry. This will be Kongar’s last betrayal.

 In the last scene , Osman Bey’s shot ok who hit? And why did Osman Bey smile? The answer to this question will be short because Osman This arrow shot by Bey is behind Balgay He will shoot Cerkutay. The reason for his smile is that Cerkutay was shot because of falling from horse to ground, captive to them may be. What is Subutay and Geyhatu’s plan with Balgay?

 First of all, when Subutay was talking to Balgay invites him to be Geyhatu’s man again and Balgay will probably have this offer. will accept. Because the closest men caught alliance with Osman Bey is over will also be sent to him for reinforcement the soldiers were killed by Subutay will have to act with Geyhatu. Our last question is Zöhre, even if he is guilty Why Hazal Hatun, who caught Hatun, suddenly killed him? Otherwise, Hazal Hatun, Zöhre Hatun’s speech didn’t he want?

What will be Hazal Hatun’s other big plan? First of all personally, the killing of Zöhre Hatun It was good for the series, but Aygül was crazy killing her mother before her eyes not good at all. And this event will affect Aygül very much. And Hazal Hatun already had evidence. So Zöhre Hatun would definitely be unfair. 

But here if you remember Hazal Hatun one of the girls said to follow Zöhre after this time this chick always follows Zöhre He. You can mix the medicine with the feed and he followed even while feeding. But since he was following earlier Aygül Hatun, the man of Sofia at first while controlling and giving poison to Zöhre Hatun was also following Zöhre Hatun and I think Zöhre Hatun also learned about this person or will acquire.

 Maybe you don’t talk to Zöhre Hatun he may have suddenly killed it in a snap. 

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