Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Season 1

Now let’s come to the highly anticipated questions respond to.

  •  What will happen in the episode?
  •  Violent attacked in trailer, woman, child Oba Çobanoğulları Obası who was murdered without saying is it?
  •  Stronger than all the neighbors, even the Kayı Brave enough to offer a salary How did the Çobanoğulları Principality become has also come to the brink of extinction?
  •  And enemies strong enough to defeat them who?
  •  Cüneyt Arkın, the head of the Aksakals the lamb she said will be the wolf brother, forever We will establish a state that will share his promise Then Osman Bey, why my dear blood for this state? 
  • He said to be sacrificed? Otherwise, Osman Bey will not be appointed as the head of the state. is it?
  •  The banners representing many principalities in the trailer namely, the principalities whose flags are shown Kayı Which principalities, including principality?
  •  2 new commanders appearing in the Byzantines who?
  •  How strong they are and the chest in your hands What’s so important in it?
  •  Ertuğrul Gazi was with him while coming from Kayseri Alps we know from the time of resurrection will it be too Ertuğrul Gazi to punish Dündar Bey is it?

 All of these questions and more You will learn the answer soon.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

 The Prosecutor, who is not shown. will not come in the season or a few episodes Will he joins the drama later? You’ve never heard of any analytics channel before of all these questions and more before proceeding to the answers, I recommend you read it without furthering it. Because make sure the questions at the beginning apart from many important details I also mentioned. Now let’s move on to our analysis. Have a good time.

 Woman, child, brutally attacked Unfortunately, the Çobanoğulları who were murdered without saying Obasi But all the surrounding camps are stronger, to Kayı even ulufe, that is enough to even offer a salary How is the Principality of Çobanoğulları has come to the brink of extinction? Blending this question with the script and history. I will tell. Because as you know, although the series although they reflect history, some minor differences can be Normally the Çobanoğulları Principality founder Hüsameddin Çoban Bey Seljuk Sultan 1.

 Ascended to the throne after Izzeddin Keykavus one. Alaeddin Keykubad’s Anatolian Seljuk In the congregation ceremony where he will be his Sultan, so At the ceremony where he will be officially declared sultan witnessed what happened and the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan 1.

Alaeddin was subordinated to Keykubad. Afterwards, he organized expeditions to Crimea and He took the city of Sudak and even called a mosque there. also had it done. After developing his principality and obes then died and the current Shepherd’s sons instead Yavlak Hasan’s father passed away Bey and soon all dies This principality and oba was left to Yavlak Hasan. Unfortunately, the oba who is so strong and rich The same great grandfather of Yavlak Hasan Turkey Seljuks throne as the war He was killed by his participation.

 And then his son who replaced him too could not manage and by Candar Obası Bey He was killed and joined the Oba Candar Principality. However, right now in the series Çobanoğulları We are in the destruction of your principality but the only difference this time effective in the downfall of the principality Byzantines is not the wars of Thrones and the Knights Templar will be effective. Remains of the destroyed camp are Kayı He will take shelter in his obes and even a chance If there are many survivors, Samsa Sergeant Kayı Obas, Çobanoğulları They can transform into his principality.

 Another question is, Cüneyt Arkın, the people of Aksakals the lamb with his head will be the wolf brother, We will establish a state that will stand in forever After his promise, why did Osman Bey He said my dear blood be sacrificed? Otherwise, Osman Bey will not be appointed as the head of the state.

is it? Unfortunately, it will be like that right now. Although Osman Bey’s achievements Although noteworthy, he still new for now because they see it as naive Ertuğrul Gazi is the head of the state to be established will be considered to be passed. But probably towards the end of the season Osman Bey will mature even more in time and the new state to be established in Ertuğrul Gazi will give it to Osman Bey.

The banners representing many principalities, the principalities whose flags are shown Kayı Which principalities, including principality? Çobanoğulları apart from the first principality Kayılar Principality, second principality Rye, third Beylik Umurlar and in the series last seasons The last principality we hear is the Candar Principality. We will see these 4 principalities among these principalities.

 The answer to our other question is what appears in the Byzantines Who are the 2 new commanders? How strong they are and the chest in your hands What’s so important in it? First of all, although these 2 commanders Although I don’t know, unfortunately, in many episodes, Osman They will cause difficulties for Bey and Kayı. Especially the commander with an earring it will be very dangerous. And the simple we’ve seen in past seasons To Byzantine commanders or templars will not resemble.

I can hear you asking why. Well, the answer is simple. In Turkish or foreign TV series Commander has many good and bad roles. However, these commanders, especially for some reason, strong people always have an interest in art has. And these evil commanders against art One of the reasons why he has an interest they were so emotionless that they they try to find a purpose, a new feeling and they are interested in art. I mean, be careful with that earring because He will be a very dangerous commander.

 And in the chest under these commanders’ hands and probably to Söğüt, the Turkish Obalara strategic information they will attack or their spies information. In fact, a special short for those who watched this far but also important information is that, in the trailer On the map that appears, Söğüte, namely Kayı The pressure they will organize on the obuna on the map There is a marked state. Where the blade marked above Willow and a click below the blade The place he marked is Domanic. So these two marked places are Kayılar regions

. Even one more piece of information, in the top right place Also, the part you see is not red. In a different color. Do not say what color is about. Red represents the Turks in history and, The left side of the colors on the map is red, Belonging to the Kayı and other parties are also different Belonging to the Turkish camps but the right sides and the top right is green.

This means that those parties are from the hands of the Turks. taken. And on the top right, Çobanoğulları Kastamonu side of his principality. Let’s give this information to the curious. Another question is from Ertuğrul Gazi Kayseri As we come, we know from the time of Resurrection Will there be alps too? Ertuğrul Gazi to punish Dündar Bey is it?

 First of all, when he first came, he appeared in the trailer Alps from the time of Resurrection no. Maybe maybe they’re on duty but The current Resurrection time alps in the series will not appear. And of course to Ertuğrul Gazi Dündar Bey He will punish him but he’s probably more obese The punishment will be given and finished before it comes. In the new episode, Dündar Bey’s big there will be no penalty.

The Prosecutor, who is not shown. will not come in the season or a few episodes Will he join the drama later? The answer to this question is yes. According to my analysis, Mr. Savcı is great it probably won’t appear in the first few episodes but rest assured then his wife and sons will join the series with. We have come to the end of another analysis.

Kurulus Osman Episode 28 reviews done !!
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