Kurulus Osman Episode 29 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 29 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 29 Reviews  – dirilistv

Now let’s come to the highly anticipated questions respond to.

  • Will Ertuğrul Gazi really die in the next episode?
  •  First of all, I will answer this most curious question.
  •  Of course he will not die. But how? Is all this all just a dream? 
  • Now I’m going to show you the proof that it is all illusory, that he will not die .

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

 In fact, in the scene shown to us in the trailer, it is as if Ertuğrul Gazi was stabbed with his attacks , while he was talking in his tent, he was suddenly stabbed with his attacks, let’s pass him, Ertuğrul Gazi did not move at all while the alps next to him were slaughtered, let’s pass him, too, Ertuğrul Gazi may be shocked. It is completely absurd that Aya Nikola, who drinks ayran next to him, does not move at all and only Flaytos killed 3 alpi in the tent .

 So I mean, all this stuff is a complete scam, so the trailer backstage. Except for the entrance scene of Aya Nikola and Flaytos shown in the trailer, the scenes of Flaytos massacring 3 alpi and Ertuğrul veterans on the tent are what Flaytos dreams of. Yes, you heard it right. According to my scenario analysis, these are completely imaginary scenes.

The evidence is that Aya Nikola and Flaytos come to Kayı Obasi, and they will make an offer to Ertuğrul Gazi with a chest full of gold . In this offer, we do not know that part that will most likely be about Kulucahisar Castle or Karacahisar Castle . But of course Ertuğrul Gazi will refuse whatever offer is.

Without deviating from the subject, Ertuğrul Gazi will offer them ayran and while the speeches continue , Osman Bey will speak. At that time , Ertuğrul Gazi, who became aware of the trap set by Aya Nikola and Flaytos, thanks to Aksakallılar or Yavlak Hasan, will first send Gündüz Bey to Osman Bey for help.

 And because he knows that Osman Bey and Gündüz Bey will overcome this trap, Ertuğrul Gazi says that Osman Bey is heading Aya Nikola. And then Flaytos also trembles and is very surprised. In other words, when Aya Nikola and Flaytos set a trap for Osman Bey with a thousand efforts backfired , Flaytos dreams with this anger as if he would kill the alps on the hill and Ertuğrul Gazi.

 But the only thing missing in this dream is as if Ertuğrul Gazi can be killed so easily. Anyway, this place will not implement the dream he dreamed of. By the way, pay attention to Flaytos, this man has a special hostility to the Kayı and the Turks . We will learn the reason for this in the next chapters. 

As I said before, Aya Nikola and Flaytos set this trap for Osman Bey. However, what is really important here is obviously Kuzgun Bey, the messenger of Yavlak Hasan, whom both Yavlak Hasan and Kayı knew and trusted for a long time , how did he betray the Turks? As we probably saw in the trailer, Kuzgun Bey is coming to attack Kumral Abdal, too .

So this man was not on the side of the Turks from the very beginning and was a spy. So, will Osman Bey save his brother Savcı Bey or Gündüz Bey from this trap? In fact, everyone will save Osman Bey. I mean, Ertuğrul Gazi and the people of Aksakal will get information about the trap to be set up on Osman Bey thanks to Kumral Abdal or Yavlak Hasan, and the news will immediately go to Gündüz Bey and Savcı Bey .

Gündüz Bey will go to Osman Bey with the Alps, and Savcı Bey will go alone . As a result, many people will contribute to Osman Bey’s escape from this trap. So what are the purposes of Aya Nikola and Flatyos coming to Kayı Obas? Is their only aim to kill Ertuğrul Gazi? Actually, yes and no. It would be a great opportunity to kill Ertuğrul Gazi if they were in their hands. But they know that if they kill Ertuğrul Gazi in the obit, they will not survive Kayı Obama. 

 And although Flaytos is crazy and psychopath, Aya Nikola is a sane enemy and has goals. His goal is to rebuild the destroyed Rome and to be able to come to power like Caesar. So make sure Aya Nikola won’t take that risk there. They will make an offer to Ertuğrul Gazi with the huge chest full of gold, but be sure that Ertuğrul Gazi will not accept it no matter what .

 Another question is, how will Ertuğrul Gazi ask first Dündar Bey and then Yavlak Hasan in the trailer ? According to my analysis, although he does not give a great punishment to Dündar Bey, he can exile from Oba the most and send Çobanoğulları to his obes. So I don’t think he will give a big punishment other than that. For Yavlak Hasan, things won’t be that simple. Because the only reason Osman Bey was trapped is that Havlak Hasan’s messenger Kuzgun Bey did not know that he was a traitor, that is, a spy.

So be ready to disperse Ertuğrul Gazi judgment in the next episode. After Cüneyt Arkın, the leader of the Aksakals, said that Ertuğrul Gazi should choose a gentleman for himself , you should test among his sons, who will Ertuğrul Gazi choose? According to my analysis, this test of Ertuğrul Gazi will take a long time. So maybe Osman Bey is a very strong warrior and commander, but his brother, the Prosecutor , will be a physician who has proven himself in science, even if he is not that strong, and he will come to the camp with a lot of knowledge. Apart from that, even though Mr. Gündüz is not that strong, his political relations are good. I don’t even count Dündar Bey.

 I mean, the test for Ertuğrul Gazi Kayı Obası to his sons will continue in many chapters and although Savcı Bey, who is the closest to being Bey at first , will deserve to win the Beylik Beyship afterwards. Of course, this will not be in a few chapters, maybe dozens of chapters later. But make sure that the 2nd season of Foundation Osman will progress in a legendary way. It will be incomparable with season 1 .

Now let’s move on to our important questions about other characters besides these very important questions . 

  • Will Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun have a relationship? 
  • Where are Bamsı Bey, Abdurrahman Gazi and Selcan Hatun, who were not shown in the series?
  •  Will there be no relationship between Göktuğ and Aygül Hatun?
  •  Who will take care of Ahmet Alp from now on?
  •  When will Helen be included in the show?
  •  And what will Cerkutay, the leader of our hired soldiers, namely the marauders do?

 Our first question is the relationship between Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun, as we can see from the first episode, but be sure, we will see their wedding in 3-5 episodes if nothing goes wrong . Apart from that, Göktuğ and Aygül Hatun could actually be a good couple about their relationship, but Selcan Hatun’s assistant fighter and warrior, who will be the new participant in the series, could be a good couple with Göktuğ. 

We will see over time. Ahmet Alp was both an orphan on the subject. I think that Demirci Davut, Bala Hatun and Gonca Hatun will look after Ahmet Alp. For Cerkutay, the leader of the Chasulists, wherever the wind blows, he will direct himself and his team to that direction . I think Cerkutay will be a Muslim if I say by relying on my feelings and not according to reason and logic . 

Don’t say he didn’t. Abdurrahman Gazi, Selcan Hatun and Bamsı Bey will also join the series soon, but we will be able to see them in the series after at least a few episodes. Helen will likewise be on the show a few episodes later. We have come to the end of our analysis.

Kurulus Osman Episode 29 reviews done !!
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