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Kurulus Osman Episode 30 Reviews season 1

Kurulus Osman Episode 30 Reviews– dirilistv

Some Question About Kurulus Osman Episode 30 Season 1

Before going into the detail that everyone has missed , I will tell you that Ertuğrul Gazi will hold some Alpbaşı, some Kayı Obası Bey as his deputy, Kayı Obası Bey, and others responsible for the economy and control of the market of Kayı Obası . As far as I have realised, I am the first to give you this information, which is unfortunately not included in any analysis . And again, unfortunately, some analysts have given you this information wrong, but now I will tell you the truth. Because everyone just stuck to the Kayı Obası Alpbaş head . However, there will be 2 more options, not just Kayı Obası Alpbaş.

 First of all, , Cüneyt Arkın, leader of the Aksakals, told Ertuğrul Gazi that he should choose a new Kayı Obası Bey. However, in the 30th episode, Ertuğrul Gazi Kayı Obası chooses Alpbaş. I mean, this scene is not a single scene. Because, if you remember, when Dündar Bey became Kayı Obası, he initially gave new duties to the gentlemen in the camp .

In fact, in the first place, Kayı Obası chose the person responsible for the caravans and market . Then Kayı Obası choose Alpbaş. And finally, Kayı Obası had chosen his deputy chief vice-president. Although it is shown to us as if Kayı Obası Alpbaşı will be chosen  , it is actually just a delusion. Because if any audience of the Establishment Osman series will actually watch and choose hmm alpbaşı , this person can be either Osman Bey or Savcı Bey. So these comments are made by everyone.

 However, the difference of us analysts is to reveal the most logical interpretation by removing these possibilities and not only looking at a scene, but blending history with the series and looking at a whole picture. And that’s why I just gave you the example of Mr. Dündar 25 episodes before.

In short, kalam, the person responsible for the caravans of Kayı Obası, market affairs and economy will be elected and this person will be Mr. Gündüz. However, this position can be shared with Dündar Bey, or Dündar Bey, who was exiled, can help Gündüz Bey, and we will learn that part in the next section. However, although many people say that Kayı Obası Alpbaşı will be the Savcı Bey, in fact, Kayı Obası will be Alpbaşı Osman Bey.

Prosecutor Bey will be Kayı Obası Bey, Ertuğrul Gazi’s chief vice and deputy. Of course, if the Prosecutor Bey said to Dündar Bey , that my father had bent his neck, I could not confront my father without cleaning this job , this will be what I said . Otherwise, if Ertuğrul Gazi was angry with Savcı Bey, these roles may change. But I think that in the next episode, Savcı Bey will take care of this and will not leave Ertuğrul Gazi in a difficult situation. Even more information for you.

Now let’s come to the highly anticipated questions respond to.

  •  New duties, tasks, and principal elections among the Kayı Obası Beys will be towards the end of the series .
  •  Another important question is, who kidnapped Mönke? 
  • and who are the ones who set a trap for Osman Bey? 

 Let’s move on to the answer to the question.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

 First of all, we see that no alpine or anybody escaped from this trap set by Osman Bey without any injury , and Osman Bey came to the camp safely and hugged Ertuğrul Gazi . In other words, this trap set up on Osman Bey and his alps will be a simple and unnecessary trap that Mönke and Yavlak Hasan will have left there long before. And in terms of the scenario, if Yavlak Hasan, who kidnapped Mönke and sent news to Cerkutay and Geyhatu, it means that he has a plan to get rid of this job .

This plan, I think, is that he did not miss Mönke and is actually in cooperation with Mönke . Because let’s say he missed Mönke after all. Then he blamed the Kayı and when Geyhatu came, he could only get rid of Geyhatu’s wrath by saying I saved Mönke . But the only problem here is that Mönke is sure not to tell the truth.

 His trust in Mönke will actually be that he will have a trump card in his hand, and this trump card and Mönke will actually be on one side against his father, and the reason why Yavlak Aslan allowed him to kill his own neighbors from the very beginning belongs to Geyhatu, the father of these neurons . will happen. And their main plan, I think, will be to kill Geyhatu, have Mönke take over, and have Yavlak Hasan take over the Seljuk. 

Do not say whether it will be that easy to lead the Seljuk people. As you can see, there is neither a sultan nor any orders in the palace. There are only chicks who help. In other words, Geyhatu will already have taken over the Seljuks and taken them under their control . When Geyhatu dies, all power will be left to his son Mönke and Yavlak Hasan. So, we will watch episodes of betrayal in betrayal.

 Another question is that many of our analyst friends said that Aristo, the cook in the Byzantine castle, worked for Sheikh Edebali and dervishes . However, if Aristotle is revealed in the next chapter and unfortunately not captured in the next few chapters, he will be killed and his daughter will be captured. 

If, in terms of the scenario, his daughter is actually a spy and if he is actually a Muslim and a Turk, his name will be different, even if his daughter is captured by Aya Nikola and Flatyos , they can be a couple with the alp that saved him from the alps of Osman Bey who came to save him. 

  • Another question is, how did Demirci Davut not recognize Flatyos and will Ahmet Alp recognize Flatyos’ real identity ? 

Personally, I will analyze this subject not based on reason and logic, but according to my feelings. Because in my opinion, as a logic, Demirci Davut will recognize Flatyos and learn his true identity in a few episodes at most , but the coincidence of Ahmet Alp and Flatyos’ meeting is not that he will actually recognize him.

 Because when they meet, Demirci Davut tells Flatyos that Ahmet has no mother and that his father was recently martyred by the Byzantines in the castle. In other words, Flatyos will actually see himself in Ahmet and be sure we will see Flatyos Ahmet scenes in the next episodes, and maybe even Ahmet Alp will have many effects on Flatyos’ conversion to Islam.

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