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Kurulus Osman Episode 31 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 31 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 31 Season 1

  • Why do Savcı Bey and Osman Bey, the new Bey of Kayı Obası, fight?
  •  Are they fighting for the Kayı Obası Principality? 
  • Or is there a huge game they set up for their enemies under this fight?
  •  Why did Ertuğrul Gazi salute only Prosecutor Bey when leaving Kayı Obama?
  •  Or did Osman Bey not accept the post of Alpbaş and gave it to Göktuğ?
  •  How did Ertuğrul Gazi learn that Geyhatu would come to Kayı Obas and to dry the Kayı descendants ?
  • More importantly, how will Ertuğrul Gazi stop the khan of khans Geyhatu not to destroy Kayı Obas and kill Osman Bey? 
  • Why did Aya Nikola kill a soldier from his Byzantine army?
  • who did Flatyos ambush with bow and arrow in the dead of night and where was he looking with fearful eyes ? 
  • What will be the huge and dangerous trap that Muzaffereddin Yavlak Hasan will set? 
You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.
You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

 Let’s move on to the analysis. Have a good time. Before moving on to the question of why Kayı Obası, the new Bey, Savcı Bey and Osman Bey are fighting , I will explain why Ertuğrul Gazi chose Savcı Bey and why he did not choose Osman Bey, and even Göktuğ Alp.

First of all, Ertuğrul Gazi talked with Cüneyt Arkın, the leader of the Aksakals, about the election of the deputy of Kayı Obası, in short, the substitute bey. And even though Ertuğrul Gazi logically thinks that the person who can fulfill the mission of the Principality will be the Prosecutor of his three sons , he actually wants Osman Bey to be the person who should be the bey . However, because Ertuğrul Gazi is someone who acts with his mind, not with his emotions , he will choose Kayı Obası Vekil Bey, that is, Savcı Bey, as the person who will become the after him .

He will give Osman Bey the alpine head and Gündüz Bey the duties of the economy of Kayı Obası, the market and the caravanserai controls. But if Osman Bey is alpbasi, why does Göktuğ train many of the lost alpine , and on top of that, he says to Osman Bey that I will prepare an army that loves martyrdom? The answer to this question is the alps, which he called the army there, not only from Kayı Obasi, and that is actually not the Kayı obasi training place.

Probably, Osman Bey is laying the foundations of the army, which he will run from war to battle and make conquests, with the alps that are subject to him, as in the same date, in the vicinity of Kayı Obası . And Göktuğ will train this army so that Osman Bey will be able to continue his duty as Kayı Obası .

 Now let’s get to Osman Bey and Savcı Bey fight. First of all, the aim of this fight is of course the post, that is the fight for the beylik. However, this is not the main purpose. In fact, the main purpose of the Prosecutor Bey and Osman Bey is to give the impression that they have fought for the principality , everyone in the camp, Yavlak Hasan, Aya Nikola and many enemies, as if the two brothers have crossed the ranks.

 And be sure, in the next chapter, after this fight, the opposite sides and the Beys of Kayı Obası will be two separate fronts, one on the side of Osman Bey and on the side of the Savcı Bey . Muzaffereddin Yavlak Hasan will choose one side, Dündar Bey will choose one side, Aya Nikola will choose another side. Although the sides seem to be the opposite, Osman Bey and Savcı Bey will make a big surprise to the person they will set up with a single punch, not on different fronts, when the time comes to set the trap .

  •  Another important question is
  • how did Ertuğrul Gazi learn that Geyhatu would come to the Kayı Obas and to dry the Kayı lineage?
  • More importantly, how will Ertuğrul Gazi stop the inn’s inn Geyhatu not to destroy Kayı Obas and kill Osman Bey?

 First of all, Ertuğrul Gazi will learn these information and important information about Geyhatu thanks to the leader of the Aksakals . In fact, this is why, as the road will be very difficult, he collects toys and reassigns among the Beys of Kayı Obası. Because there is not being able to go back and find it. And therefore, in a hurry, he will make Savcı Bey his deputy and Osman Bey as the alpine. 

  • However, even though the good and beautiful Kayı Obası has secured his job, the real question is how will he stop Geyhatu ?
  •  What will be the weak point of Geyhatu, who has captured the sultan of the Koskoca Seljuk state and crushed the orders ? 

First of all, Geyhatu’s first weak point is his son Mönke. However, since this trump card is in the hands of Yavlak Hasan, another weak point will be his relative, ie cousin Baytu Han. As a result, although Ertuğrul Gazi was the frontier of Anatolia or had the support of the Aksakals, they would not be able to stop Geyhatu even if all the Sultan or the orders were united because the Seljuk Palace was in the hands of Geyhatu.

 That is why, because only his cousin Baytu Han can stop Geyhatu Han, Ertuğrul Gazi will go to deal with him or to provoke him. As a result, he can either take his son to face Geyhatu when he is empty, or if he has a trump card against Baytu Han, he can make an agreement with Geyhatu Han to fight him. But these are very unlikely. Another possibility is that he went against Geyhatu to save the other orders and commanders in the Seljuk Palace, but this is unlikely. 

  • Another question is why did Aya Nikola kill a soldier of his Byzantine army?
  •  Who did Flatyus ambush with bow and arrow in the dead of night and where was he looking with fearful eyes ? 

First of all, the reason why Aya Nikola killed his own man will probably be related to the raid on the castle by the Prosecutor Bey, that he stabs directly without hesitation to even kill his own man . The place where Flatyos went with a bow and arrow in the dead of night either follows him on the way he will go because of his hatred of Ertuğrul Gazi , or he stuck with the Mongols on the night patrol.

What will be the huge and dangerous trap Yavlak Hasan will set on the subject of Muzaffereddin Yavlak Hasan ? First of all, the biggest trap Yavlak Hasan will set will be with Geyhatu’s son Mönke. However, as I said at the beginning of the video, when Osman Bey and Savcı Bey seem like two separate parties after the fight , they will approach one of the two sides, support him and continue his plans through them. However, he will fall into the real trap himself. We have come to the end of another analysis.

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