Kurulus Osman Episode 34 Reviews


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Kurulus Osman Episode 34 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 34 Reviews– dirilistv

Some Questions About kurulus Osman Episode 31 Season 1

  • Will Ertuğrul Gazi really die?
  • How will the fact that Yavlak Arslan is a beylerbeyi from the frontier principality affect Turkmens in Anatolia and even Kayı Obas?
  • And when Yavlak Arslan called the gentlemen of all the neighbors and set up a naive assembly, why did Savcı Bey come alone?
  • Or was Kayı Obası Bey after Ertuğrul Gazi the Savcı Bey?
  • And why did Osman Bey break into the place where Yavlak Arslan and many other oba Beys are, and what will he do?
  • Will Aygül Hatun, who is included in the series in a legendary way, will stab Hazal Hatun who has entered her tent with the arrival of Kayı Obas and open a very heavy wound?
  • How will Dündar Bey react when he sees Aygül Hatun’s baby from Alişar Bey?

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

First of all, we knew about Ertuğrul Gazi that Ertuğrul Gazi would normally continue with the leader of Aksaç people until the end of the season. However, after whatever happened, signals were given that Ertuğrul Gazi would die quickly. Apart from the fact that Ertuğrul Gazi was constantly getting sick and falling to bed and bleeding from his mouth , we normally thought Selcan Hatun went to collect herbs for the illness of Ertuğrul Gazi. However, Selcan Hatun came to the camp, talked to Bamsı Bey, did many more works, but these herbs that we expected did not come out.

So, if these herbs, which would normally save Ertuğrul Gazi in terms of the script, are gone, the script has changed and the death of Ertuğrul Gazi is approaching. I mean, Ertuğrul Gazi may die soon before the end of the season. Now let’s get to the subject of Yavlak Arslan. First of all, Yavlak Arslan got the title of beylerbeyi, who has more power than the frontal principality, thanks to Geyhatu.

However, although we now know Yavlak Arslan as a traitor or a villain , it is not known whether it is related to the reaction of Kastamonu Municipality, but according to our brother Mehmet Bozdağ, we will see Yavlak Arslan, unlike this character, he continues the series as a heroic Turk. will. Although it is not a problem for the Kayı Principality and other Turkmen Oba that Yavlak Arslan is also a beylerbeyi , Osman Bey will react to this, and at least a few departments Yavlak Arslan and Osman Bey will have problems between them.

The arrival of the Prosecutor Bey to the toy council established by Yavlak Arslan alone without Osman Bey or Gündüz Bey will be because he is officially an alpine leader and his father is not Ertuğrul Gazi. So the deputy is not a man or somethin

g. However, the reason Osman Bey hastily entered the naive assembly despite the alps at the door would be either the Prosecutor Bey went to such an important tone alone and did not inform Osman Bey, or Osman Bey had a very important information and he had to give this information . will be forced into toya for.

Now let’s come to the subject of Aygül Hatun, although Aygül Hatun’s entry in the series is legendary , I am very sorry that she treated her baby like that, even though she was from Alişar Bey. After all, it’s not the baby’s fault. But as time passes, he will accept his child and become a good mother for him.

In the end, in terms of the script, the scriptwriter could remove Aygül Hatun and Alişar Bey’s child from the script, and the series would continue as if it had never happened. However, this child will have a very important role either in this season or in the next season, which was required to be added to the series.

I mean, this baby will either be something necessary in terms of the script for Aygül Hatun’s nervous and mental balance to improve , or she will become a bad character in the next seasons and take revenge. But I hope this will not be the second I said. In the trailer, the part where Aygül Hatun stabbed Hazal Hatun, I think it is a dream. Because Aygül Hatun, who killed many male Byzantine soldiers easily, when he waved that sword, if he coincided with Hazal Hatun, he would probably divide it into two.

Or he will snatch his arm and leg easily. That’s why I think this scene will be just like in Flatyos as a dream. But if it is not an illusion, Aygül Hatun will inflict a serious wound on Hazal Hatun. About Dündar Bey, Dündar Bey will soon learn about Aygül Hatun’s baby from Alişar Bey , but she, like Selcan Hatun, will call this baby your baby and help her.

In fact, Göktuğ Alp may be the person who will help Aygül Hatun the most or find the right way. After all, if we ask who happened to confusion and psychological problems in the series, one Turgut Bey would be two Göktuğ Alp.

Because they were both subjected to drugs and mindwashing. In other words, Göktuğ Alp will be one of the most important people who will support Aygül Hatun in his recovery or in this way. And according to my analysis, Aygül Hatun did not learn to fight this much in vain. In a few chapters , he will fight with a few more kefere as he killed the Byzantine soldiers at first, and Göktuğ Alp will be the one who saved him or Aygül Hatun.

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