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Kurulus Osman Episode 35 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 35 Reviews– dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 35 Season 1

Having said that, let’s move on to analysis now. Have a good time. First of all, let’s move on to the scene that was missed and Osman Bey’s plan. As you remember, Osman Bey, while entering the castle towards the last scenes of the 34th episode, noticed the Byzantine soldiers who had ambushed him and said you knew that I would enter the castle.

Then he continues to enter the castle, even though he knows it was a trap. In other words, Osman Bey’s real plan, which means that after he entered the camp with Göktuğ Alp and Boran Alp and tied their horses, he noticed that someone was watching him and he deliberately spoke out his plan to enter this castle. Otherwise, Osman Bey could have told his plan to Göktuğ or Boran even before he came to Oba.

So actually Osman Bey has a plan here. And he knows that after entering the castle, Aya Nikola will call him right there without killing him directly. Here, too, Göktuğ and Boran, who were forgotten, will step in, dressing as Byzantine soldiers, while Osman Bey, neutralizes the soldiers next to him and attacks Aya Nikola, while the soldiers behind him , dressed as soldiers, will stop Boran and Göktuğ.

Afterwards, they will leave Aya Nikola in blood and leave, and when Flatyos suspects something and comes next to Aya Nikola, Osman Bey will already leave from there. Another question is whether Ertuğrul Gazi will die, unfortunately, Ertuğrul Gazi will say goodbye to the series soon and will die. Unless there is a miracle that will heal his illness. Because they do not show the huge Ertuğrul Gazi when 5-10 episodes are constantly dying or vomiting blood in their bed .In other words, if Ertuğrul Gazi does not recover in a few episodes, he will die in terms of the scenario and say goodbye to the series.

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.
  • Another question is why is Aygül Hatun attacking Lena Hatun?

while Aygül Hatun and Lena Hatun are fighting, we see how seriously they are swinging swords at each other. And all the people saw this. In other words, Aygül Hatun’s punishment will certainly be. However, the reason for Aygül Hatun’s attack will be Hazal Hatun’s provocation and her heading towards Lena Hatun. Because while Aygül Hatun attacked Lena Hatun, in the tent where Aygül Hatun came out, she is seen below Hatun’s waist and only Hazal Hatun has that color outfit in the oba.

  • Our last question is who will reveal the real face and purpose of Targun Hatun while stirring up the mess in Kayı Obama ?

According to my analysis here, if Targun Hatun receives the news from Aya Nikola that his father was released, then he will leave Kayı Obasi, but Aya Nikola will not easily release Targun Hatun’s father, and he will want to use him further. In fact, as Aya Nikola said, I think Targun Hatun will choose the right path in the next episodes with his promise to draw blood and they are Turkish and you are Turkish .

what Aya Nikola puts a clay-like substance on his faces will probably be a torture material or something that was used in the past, Aya Nikola will torture the prisoners and when this substance dries , he will try to make those prisoners talk or pull them to his side in case you become petrified . One of these prisoners is Cerkutay. In fact, Cerkutay , who seems to be impartial and works everywhere like a okey stone, will work for Aya Nikola this time. 

But if he does not choose, Bala Hatun or Selcan Hatun will reveal the malicious intent of Targun Hatun. Now that our analysis is over.

Kurulus Osman Episode 35 reviews done !!
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