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Kurulus Osman Episode 36 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 Reviews– dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 36 Season 1

  • Will Targun Hatun marry Osman Bey, change his name and continue the series as Malhun Hatun?
  • Or, on the contrary, is Targun Hatun, as we know it , Malhun Hatun, the daughter of Ömer Abdulaziz Bey, who was a spy in the Peçenek Principality in the Greek Region ?
  • And if Osman Bey and Targun Hatun get married, how will Bala Hatun react to this situation? Will the Prosecutor listen to the lies of his wife Lena Hatun and attack Osman Bey?
  • Is Ertuğrul Gazi saying goodbye to the series? Will Aya Nikola kill Flatyos?
  • Or will Aya Nikola exile Flatyos and Flatyos meet a dervish in exile or Kumral Abdal and convert to Islam?
  • Osman Bey, who learned about the betrayal of Yavlak Arslan thanks to Cerkutay, said to Yavlak Arslan, as he said, if you are in this business, I will take your head, what will he really do and kill Yavlak Arslan?

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Before moving on to the answers to all these questions and more. Have a good time. First of all, I will start the analysis with the most curious question whether Targun Hatun and Osman Bey will get married. As we know, the only reason Targun Hatun betrayed the Kayı and Osman Bey, and obeyed his enemy Aya Nikola, is to save his father.

According to my analysis Targa Hatun only good fighters, the ankle is not strong guys girl, very intelligent guys also because it is a girl, and of course Kurulus Osman any kind of trap Bey, to see that destroyed easily, no longer leaving to cooperate with St.

Nicholas, the original He will start to cooperate with Osman Bey , who is a strong side and is of his own blood . So it will be a double agent. Whichever side is strong, he will turn to him, and if he frees Targun Hatun’s father, Aya Nikola, and Osman Bey saves him, he will achieve his goal. However, as I said at the beginning , I don’t think Targun Hatun could be Malhun Hatun or change the name.

And in terms of the scenario, such a thing will not be done, only because Malhun Hatun will also be included in the series in the future, Osman Bey’s lineage must be a continuation and an heir, so the infrastructure is being prepared that it is normal for Osman Bey to buy him another wife.

In Osman Bey’s promise that Kayı Obası is not without an heir, Osman Bey wants to marry Targun Hatun, who thinks that he can give him a baby, heir, because he thinks of being the Bey of Kayı Obası and because he is the children of his rivals, Gündüz Bey and Prosecutor Bey, even if he is his brothers . . Even in the trailer, while kurulus Osman Bey says these words, Bala Hatun looks in a very surprised way.

In other words, Osman Bey did not tell Bala Hatun about this before , and he suddenly learns, or Bala Hatun gets this news from someone else before. And if Osman Bey’s words are just a dream that Bala Hatun sees, or if it is not imaginary, if Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun get married, according to my analysis, there are 2 scenarios that could happen. The first one will tell everything to Targun Hatun Osman Bey.

Now he will switch sides and collaborate with Osman Bey instead of Aya Nikola. And while Targun Hatun sends false information to Aya Nikola and distracts, Osman Bey will save Targun Hatun’s father. Or, as the second scenario, this marriage will be Osman Bey’s plan. They will try to reveal the true face of Targun Hatun, but Targun Hatun will still work with Aya Nikola. But be sure, thanks to Bala Hatun’s suspicions, Targun Hatun’s true face will also emerge. And of course Bala Hatun will have a reaction to this marriage business, but he will be willing to accept this job by saying that he has a knowledge of Osman Bey because of his trust.

In the question of whether Ertuğrul Gazi will die, unfortunately, Ertuğrul Gazi did not have much life left in terms of the script in the series. As I said in my previous analysis, either Ertuğrul Gazi would recover in a few episodes and continue the series until the season finale, or he would die within a few episodes. Because in the series, the huge Ertuğrul Gaziyi we know is not shown to us while desperate in his bed, vomiting blood and suffering for months . I mean, Ertuğrul Gazi will die soon, he will bid farewell to the series.

  • Our other question will kill Aya Nikola Flatyos?
  • Or will he banish him?

According to my analysis, although Flatyos was the reason for the kidnapping of the Turkish prisoners in Kulucahisar Castle at first, and now the reason for the kidnapping of Savcı Bey and Dündar Bey, since the most trusted and valued person of Aya Nikola is Flatyos, he will not be able to kill him, only Flatyos.

He will take away all his powers and pride and exile. And according to my analysis, Flatyos will either meet a dervish in exile or meet Kumral Abdal. And this encounter in Flatyos’ exile will actually change his life and cause him to find the right way.

Another question is, thanks to Bamsı Bey, Osman Bey, who learned that Yavlak Arslan collaborated with Cerkutay and Mönke and betrayed him, will of course ask Yavlak Arslan to account. Normally, according to my analysis in the scenario, Osman Bey, Yavlak Arslana, if you were in this business, I would take your head, Yavlak Arslan, I would say that you will make your word and kill him.

However, after the reaction of our esteemed producer Mehmet Bozdağ of Kastamonu Municipality and the words of Mehmet Bozdağ about the change of the script, he will probably do things that even Yavlak Arslan Osman Bey will appreciate in the next section or in a few episodes , Osman Bey Yavlak Arslan will stop killing.

  • Another question is what will be the Beylik Beylik plan of the Prosecutor Bey and will he listen to the lies of his wife Lena Hatun and attack Osman Bey?

Lena Hatun will want to kill you in order to become Osman Bey Kayı Obası, I do not think that you will kill him in the continuation of his words. In the continuation of that word, he will say, before he kills you, you become Kayı Bey as soon as possible. Even if Lena Hatun told Savcı Bey to kill Osman Bey, the Prosecutor Bey would not do such a thing. At most, the Prosecutor Bey can plan to capture Osman Bey in a secret place until the election of the principality.

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