Kurulus Osman Episode 37 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 37 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 37 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 37 Season 1

Where our pusad is out of reach, we will work with our minds. Our Obama’s hope is in you, son. You have to find a way to stop Geyhatu.

  • I will take the custody of the Principality, Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi!
  • I will strike a bit at the cursing enemy! I will fight every day! Mr. Osman!
  • What happened to Osman Bey?
  • Osman Bey conquered Kulucahisar. Cenk is just beginning, the gardate, to victory… Who can do what if he says I will take İnegöl too?
  • Don’t think that we lost this war, the war is just beginning, Flatyos. When Geyhatu went over them and collapsed like a black cloud, then we will bite them like snakes.
  • Do you know where Cerkutay is, Yavlak Arslan?
  • Osman’s hand. I need to send news to the Oba. Yavlak Arslan may have raided the oba!!
  • What will happen in the scene of Osman Bey, Göktuğ, Aygül Hatun, Bala Hatun and Targun Hatun, which everyone missed?
  • How will Osman Bey, who conquered Kulucahisar Castle again, stop Geyhatu when he does not obey Geyhatu and opposes him?
  • After Osman Bey conquers Kulucahisar Castle and rescues Targun Hatun’s father, will he really marry Targun Hatun?
  • Is the death of Ertuğrul Gazi near?
  • When will the new Bey of Kayı Obas be elected and who will be?
  • Or will Dündar Bey again betray the Kayı?

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Have a good time. First of all, let’s get to that scene that was missed. As you can see on the screen, when Osman Bey will enter the castle, Göktuğ is seriously injured, but he still does not give up and manages to keep the castle doors open. And right now, in the scene where Osman Bey and other Alps enter, Osman Bey is trying to help Göktuğ in the scene you see on the screen .

And they protect Göktuğ together with other alps. According to my analysis, in terms of the scenario, Aygül Hatun’s reason for coming to this war is not only to fight like an alp, but also to be the first interactions of a love or union with Göktuğ Alp in the future.

The reason why Bala Hatun wanted to come to war in the same way was not only because he wanted to fight like an alp after he could not have children , but also because Osman Bey, who entered the castle, and the alps were fighting there, Aygül Hatun and Bala Hatun , who came behind Göktuğ alpe. they will give first aid or protect it, then they will start fighting.

Göktuğ with his wounds wrapped, while leaving the conquered Kulucahisar Castle, most likely Aygül Hatun will be among those who helped him. There is another scene apart from this overlooked scene. In this scene, after Kulucahisar Castle was conquered, even when Osman Bey was returning to Kayı Obas from Kulucahisar Castle with his alps, there is also Targun Hatun with them.

In other words, with Kurulus Osman Bey conquering Kulucahisar Castle and Targun Hatun saving his father , there will no longer be any reason for Targun Hatun to betray Osman Bey with Aya Nikola. However, according to my analysis, in terms of the scenario, there is a possibility that even though he did not take precautions in the castle after he thought that Aya Nikola Osman Bey would raid the Kulucahisar Castle, he would still try to control Targun Hatun if he took Targun Hatun’s father to another place from Kulucahisar Castle.

. However, Targun Hatun will cooperate with Osman Bey and trap Aya Nikola. Another question is that with Osman Bey’s re-conquest of Kulucahisar Castle, it will gain value in Kayı Obas, Turkmen camps in Anatolia and even in Seljuk Palace. However, with the increase of his friends, his enemies will increase and the biggest enemy will be Geyhatu. However, according to my analysis, although Geyhatu is likely to come to Anatolia with his armies , even if he will destroy Kayı Obas, this will probably remain in the word and this problem will not be as big as Geyhatu came to Kayı Obas and created difficulties at first.

Thanks to the people of Aksaçlı or Şeyh Edebalı, whom we will learn in the future, they will stop Geyhatu with an incoming information. Because, logically, since the Mongols and Geyhatu are very strong in terms of military power, this work will end without delay, as there will not be a big war scene in the series again . In fact, the Geyhatu problem will cause only Osman Bey and Savcı Bey to be separated in terms of the script in the series. So at least for now. However, the beautiful Osman Bey conquered Kulucahisar Castle again and returned to Kayı Obas. and the Turkmen camps in Anatolia, including Kayı Obası.

However, after Ertuğrul Gazi, Kayı Obası will be elected and the marriage will begin with Targun Hatun. And if Osman Bey Targun Hatun also saved his father, they should either return to their own camps as a logic , or this marriage will be asked to be made as soon as possible because Osman Bey and Targun Hatun are a matter of marriage, it is power for both Kayı Obas and Pechenegs. will add.

However, according to my analysis, this marriage will be postponed, postponed and there will be no marriage due to the new Bey election, the Geyhatu problem or some events that we will learn in the next chapter. Kayı Obası, after Ertuğrul Gazi, the new Bey selection will be made soon.

At the same time, like Ertuğrul Gazi and his brother Gündoğdu Bey, this time he will be a Bey in Kayı Obası , but this time Bey candidates and balances will change considerably. Although there is a party that wants to see Osman Bey as Kayı Obası in the obit, and even if it is the party who wants to see Savcı Bey as Bey, Dündar Bey, another Bey candidate , will get power from Beylerbeyi Yavlak Arslan, even with gold. Kayı Obası will try to buy even the gentlemen who will vote in the election.

Maybe even Gündüz Bey, which we will never even guess, may rise in the upcoming episodes. But of course there are at least a few more episodes to these events, and it is impossible to say exactly which way the scenario progresses. But logically, according to my analysis, events will proceed similar to what I have told you.

Even, most likely, Ertuğrul Gazi will die and say goodbye to the series when or just after the election of Bey will be. You have also seen that many of the analyzes we made last week turned out to be correct. Only when Kulucahisar Castle was conquered, I said Selcan Hatun was coming with Bala Hatun, but that person was Aygül Hatun.

Kurulus Osman Episode 37 reviews done !!
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