Kurulus Osman Episode 38 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 38 Reviews

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Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 38 Season 1

  • Kayı obasi will be hot! What do you think, gardash?
  • I think of my father, brother, my longing warms in me. How will Cerkutay, who has been kidnapped by everyone in the trailer, save Osman Bey in the presence of Geyhatu and ensure that he becomes a beylerbeyi?
  • And after Cerkutay’s information, will Geyhatu kill Yavlak Arslan?
  • Or what kind of plan will Osman Bey and Yavlak Arslan create to kill Geyhatu?
  • So if Yavlak Arslan knocked out Osman Bey and saved Flatyos, how did it happen that Flatyos was brought to the Kayı Obas captive?
  • And after she is brought to Kayı Obasi, will Lena Babe save her from there?
  • Or will Flatyos kill Ertuğrul Gazi after getting rid of there?
  • How did Bamsı Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi allow the principality to be established in Kayı Obasi before Ertuğrul Gazi died?
  • Will Savcı Bey mean the blood of the siblings Dündar Bey and Gündüz Bey mean, since Osman Bey is with Geyhatu in his promise to be ready to shed brother blood tomorrow?
  • Otherwise, Gündüz Bey will also be a candidate for Kayı Obası?
  • And while all of this is happening, what will be the trap set by Aya Nikola for Osman Bey and Yavlak Arslan, who go with Geyhatu , cooperate, and go?
  • How and why will Cerkutay save Osman Bey in the presence of Geyhatu in the scene kidnapped ?

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Because the information I will tell you right now will be very important and I will be the first to share it. Then come to me and do the analysis by looking at someone else, do not say there is a similarity. If I was the first to share the analysis article and there is a similarity in the analysis, it is not because I copied someone else’s analysis article, but the opposite. Before analyzing, you can take 2 seconds to support me and like the article. If you also liked the article, let’s move on to the analysis now. Have a Good Time.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Before moving on to the answer to this question, I will explain the secret plan that Osman Bey and Yavlak Arslan set up to stop Geyhatu and the trap of Aya Nikola. When Aya Nikola goes to talk to Geyhatu again, he says that Yavlak Arslan will kill you with Mönke. According to my analysis, when Geyhatu receives this information, he will directly kill Yavlak Arslan and Osman Bey who were brought to his tent there. In the article, we see that Geyhatu brought many of his soldiers to his tent to kill them.

However, Geyhatu will talk to Kurulus Osman Bey and Yavlak Arslan first because he does not fully trust Aya Nikola’s words, and then Cerkutay, who is the keystone of all these things and is not shown in the article, but I realized at the last moment, will be asked to tell the truth. According to my analysis, Cerkutay, if he tells the facts as they are there, Geyhatu will kill Yavlak Arslan, Osman Bey will be saved, even the beylerbeyi he gave to Yavlak Arslan will give his power to Osman Bey.

However, if Cerkutay changes the facts and says that the collaborator with Mönke is Aya Nikola, not Yavlak Arslan, Geyhatu will not kill Yavlak Arslan, but he can still give the title of Beylerbeyi to Osman Bey. So all kinds of Osman Bey will be saved, even Beylerbeyi. However, according to my analysis, Yavlak Arslan will not be killed yet, as Yavlak Arslan’s scenario will continue, and when he will die, he will die as a hero, not a traitor. According to my analysis, Osman Bey and Yavlak Arslan’s plan to kill Geyhatu will not take such a risk.

After all, they know that even if they killed Geyhatu, they would not be able to leave his headquarters. Even if they do, Osman Bey will not take this risk as there is a possibility that the Mongols will attack Anatolia afterwards. In fact, let me give you one more information like this.

Normally, I do scenario analysis as you know. However, I will be telling now, although it will not affect the script , for those who are curious, Osman Bey provides superiority as always while fighting with Flatyos and his soldiers. Even Yavlak Arslan is not fighting against Osman Bey, and most likely he is standing behind. Then, whatever the wisdom, when Osman Bey is going to kill Flatyos, Yavlak Arslan stands behind Osman Bey and kills him by shooting him. And even though Osman Bey’s alps look from behind, they cannot approach Yavlak Arslan.

The reason for this is that Osman Bey and the Alps will kill the soldiers of Flatyos, but later, while Osman Bey is fighting Flatyos, Yavlak Arslan’s other soldiers will come. They will besiege Osman Bey, his alps and Flatyos. When Osman Bey is fighting Flatyos, just when he will kill him, Yavlak Arslan will hit him and knock him out. But neither Göktuğ, Gence Bey nor Boran Alp there will be able to do anything.

Because they will be surrounded by Yavlak Arslan’s soldiers. Actually, the trap that Yavlak Arslan and Osman Bey set up will be against Flatyos. Because in the trailer, Flatyos is brought to Kayı Obas, not to Yavlak Arslan’s hunting. This means that what is meant to be shown to Flatyos is to show it as if Yavlak Arslan caught Osman Bey and was taken to Geyhatu to be killed.

They may even be shown here as if Osman Bey was murdered and later collaborated with Yavlak Arslan and conquered the İnegöl Castle, where Aya Nikola was the sole landlord. Lena Hatun will save Flatyos if she does not get rid of Kayı Obas. Maybe Lena will use Hatun Flatyos to help Flatyos kill Ertuğrul Gazi before she can find blood on her own hand.

Of course, this is also a possibility, but I think Ertuğrul Gazi will die normally, not from Flatyos. So if this plan happens, it will fail. Prosecutor will convince both Bamsı Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi for the Principality to be established in Kayı Obasi . Bamsı Bey’s acceptance will actually be because he thinks Osman Bey will be a bey.

However, in the news that came with Flatyos, when Osman Bey learns that he will be captured by Yavlak Arslan and taken to Geyhatu, Bamsı Bey will be angry, he will slap Flatyos a lot, but it will be too late for his beylik. But don’t worry, Osman Bey will leave Geyhatu without any problems. The next day will be the evening and he will reach his lordship. Maybe even as a Beylerbeyi to join toya. If Ertuğrul Gazi does not die and heals at that time, he can join the Beylik toil and become Kayı Obası again.

However, if all this does not happen , if Osman Bey cannot catch up, if Ertuğrul Gazi cannot recover and his principality begins, then Gündüz Bey will join the principality and maybe even he can become a bey. But just in case, the Prosecutor will gather the gentlemen and alps that are subordinate to him and stand by, against the disputes that may arise after the beylik.

Finally, regarding the marriage of Osman Bey and Targun Hatun, although this marriage of Osman Bey and Targun Hatun is a game to save Targun Hatun’s father, if they get married and Targun Hatun’s father is saved, his name is Ömer Abdulaziz, on the other hand, can turn into Targun Hatun Malhun Hatun, who will play and appear in 10 episodes we know of in the series.

And he can continue the series as Malhun Hatun from now on. However, if Targun Hatun’s father’s name is not Ömer Abdulaziz, then they will not marry Targun Hatun Osman Bey, they will be engaged at most. Afterwards, Targun Hatun will die and leave the series.

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