Kurulus Osman Episode 39 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 39 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 39 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 39 Season 1

  • Will such a gentleman come?
  • Our father is dead. I promise you daddy! The state of the Kayı will be the shelter of the strange. Is Ertuğrul Bey really dead?
  • Or is it a trap set up to deceive Flatyos, showing Ertuğrul Bey as dead and conquering İnegöl, where Aya Nikola was the sole owner?
  • Or if Ertuğrul Bey was really dead, could he choose Osman Bey as Kayı Obası before he died?

First of all, I will answer these most curious questions.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Afterwards, I will give you what will happen between Prosecutor Bey, Flatyos and Lena Hatun, why Savcı Bey did not kill Flatyos and the agreement he will make with him and many information. If you also liked the article, let’s move on to the analysis now. Have a good time. If we come to the answer to the question whether Ertuğrul Bey is dead, there are 2 possibilities here, according to my analysis. The first is that these scenes are real and the second is that they are imaginary, that is, Osman Bey’s dream.

We see Osman Bey crying as if he was awakened from a nightmare, saying his father. However, there is one more possibility. After all, when Osman Bey sees a dream, he either helps him get rid of an incident that happened to him in a very difficult time , or he sees things that may happen in the future or different versions in his dream. So the death scene of Ertuğrul Bey can be both dream and reality.

However, if this happens, it will be a little different, but it is not clear. According to my analysis, the death of Ertuğrul Bey is not real. Whether it is a dream or a trap for Flatyos, I do not think that Ertuğrul Bey will die in such a normal way, since he was sick since he came, and now he will die after he has recovered and became Kayı Obası. Cüneyt Arkın, the leader of the Aksaçlılar, is preparing for his new expedition, and his words actually prove it.

If Ertuğrul Bey’s new voyage is not a trip to the other side, then it will be preparation for conquering İnegöl Castle. And an important detail in the separate trailer is that Yavlak Arslan and no oba bey in the vicinity were at Ertuğrul Bey’s funeral. As a result , there should be hundreds of thousands, not tens , at the funeral of Ertuğrul Bey, who was the great Uç Bey of the Seljuk state .

Maybe because it is a bit rushed, the news may have arrived late to the surrounding Turkmen Oba. But at least Yavlak Arslan should definitely get the news and be at Ertuğrul Bey’s funeral. He should have been at the funeral since he is now collaborating with Osman Bey. I mean, Yavlak Arslan received all kinds of news of the death of Ertuğrul Bey.

And the reason why he was not at the funeral is not because he spent time in his own oblivion and fought a rooster, but because, according to my analysis, he had already started to besiege the İnegöl Castle , which Aya Nikola had been sovereign for.

Afterwards, they will release Flatyos as if he escaped, and he will give the news of Ertuğrul Bey’s death to Aya Nikola. Aya Nikola will also think that there will be the election of Bey in Kayı Obası , they will think that they will fight with each other in the war of beylik between Ertuğrul Bey’s sons and Dündar Bey , and he will gather his troops and plan to raid the Kulucahisar and Karacahisar Castle that they lost.

However, they will be caught unprepared and lose İnegöl Castle. Or, if Ertuğrul Bey is really dead and all this scenario I have just described proceeds differently, then the course of the series will not be good at all. Kayı Obası will not be elected before he dies. And as I have just said, the character of Ertuğrul Bey , who has always been sick and has not done anything since he came, has been storming in the series Diriliş Ertuğrul for years , and we will say hello when we see him on the road in real life .

And I hope such a thing will not happen. Even if it happens, as I said, the war of the principality will begin in Kayı Obas. Osman Bey and Savcı Bey will fall into each other, even though Gündüz Bey tries to soften the gap, he will start to argue with his brothers and in this case, Dündar Bey will rise.

Maybe even in the trailer, when Savcı Bey catches Flatyos, there is another alpi in the back. So Flatyos ran away and followed him. Afterwards, the reason why the Prosecutor Bey did not kill Flatyos there is most likely, after a word by Flatyos , he will start to deal with him, albeit by force. This issue may be related to Lena Hatun or Osman Bey. In the trailer, the person whom the Prosecutor said will be hanged will be Flatyos or any enemy who escaped.

Apart from these important issues, now I will give you the answers to other questions that you are very curious about in the series and that you wrote in the comments . First of all, Turgut Bey or Sungurtekin Bey will not be included in the series for now.

If strong characters such as Bamsı Bey or Abdurrahman Gazi leave the series, then they will be included. Likewise, Gündüz Bey’s wife Ayşe Hatun can also be included in the series if Selcan Hatun leaves the series. Apart from that, Cerkutay is on the good side and will soon become a Muslim.

After the love of Boran Gonca, Göktuğ Aygül love will also begin if the following events end. However, as events grow as they grow, their love will not begin immediately when there are so many events in the camp. A new actor will be included in the series in the near future, although we do not know which character to portray, some characters may die and leave the series soon.

Kurulus Osman Episode 39 reviews done !!
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