Kurulus Osman Episode 40 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 40 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 40 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 40 Season 1

Kayı Bey, it’s him! Osman Bey becomes Kayı Obası Bey. As we said in the same analysis, it disrupts the game of Dündar Bey , who betrayed the Savcı Bey and bought the gentlemen who would vote in Kayı Obası . And Bayhoca, the son of Prosecutor Bey, who we are eagerly awaiting, joins the series.

  • So what will happen in the next episodes?
  • How will Dündar Bey and Savcı Bey, who lost their Kayı Obası Principality, take action?
  • Or will the Savcı Bey, who learns that he betrayed him in the election of the principality by his emmi Dündar Bey, will go to Osman Bey’s side?
  • Aya Nikola, one of Osman Bey’s greatest enemies, will gain powerful allies and regain his former power, even more , when he says his job is over . So who will these allies be?
  • Will Flatyos Kayı Obası escape from his caged tent? Or who will save him from there?
  • What will be Targun Hatun’s first move to get Osman Bey?

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

Have a good time. First of all, in the analysis I made last week, it was stated that Osman Bey would be elected Kayı Obası Bey, and that Osman Bey would set a trap for him against the possibility of Dündar Bey purchasing the gentlemen who would vote for Kayı Obası Bey with money . I told you that he could betray him, and the Prosecutor Bey would gradually get on the right track, and Bayhoca would be included in the series.

And, as always, our analysis turned out to be correct. For this , I would like to thank my brothers, sisters and sisters who supported me in the comments and expressed their thoughts and whose names I cannot count. Let’s start with the most curious questions. After Osman Bey becomes Kayı Obası, what will change in Kayı Obas and even in Anatolia?

First of all, after Osman Bey became Kayı Obası Bey, he will gradually pay allegiance to the new Kayı Obası Bey to Ertuğrul Gazi son Osman , after Ertuğrul Gazi, who was the previous Seljuk State frontier .

However, there will be many people who cannot attract Osman Bey, who are jealous and try to make him difficult. Dündar will be at the top of these people. As I said in my previous analysis , Dündar Bey will not accept this after he becomes the Kayı Obası Bey of Osman Bey, he will betray Osman Bey and the Kayı and cooperate with Aya Nikola.

The death of Dündar Bey and Hazal Hatun will happen without the season finale, though not in the near future. However, together with Dündar Bey, as I have just said, some of the neighboring camps or Seljuk orders will cause difficulties for Osman Bey. We will see two of these people in the next chapter.

  • In this case, what will be the move of Savcı Bey?
  • Will it cooperate with Emmisi Dündar Bey and be against Osman Bey?
  • Or is the opposite going on the right path and will shoulder Osman Bey’s cause?

According to my analysis, the Prosecutor will take lessons from his mistakes and go to Osman Bey’s side within a few chapters at most . Even in the next episode, be sure, he will be betrayed by Dündar Bey after the election of the Principality, and he will be very angry with Dündar Bey. In other words, Dündar Bey and Savcı Bey will separate their ways soon, and with them, Hazal Hatun and Lena Hatun will be separated .

However, in this part, Insha’Allah Hazal Hatun will not touch Lena Hatun who is pregnant. Because as we know, Hazal Hatun is a very problematic and psychopath. Now let’s go to the son of Prosecutor Bayhoca. In my last analysis, I said that he will be included in the series very soon.

However, I did not expect that he would be included in the series this close. Bayhoca’s arrival will not only be to support his father, Prosecutor Bey, with each passing episode, Bayhoca will gradually get better with his uncle Osman Bey, and even reveal his life on the way to Osman Bey’s trial.

However , the Armenian War, in which Bayhoca died, and according to some rumors, Osman Bey will be shot with a full arrow, while Osman Bey preceded him, with Bayhoca, will not be soon. But I think it will be before the season finale. Now let’s get to the subject of Aya Nikola.

Thanks to Aya Nikola Helen, she was saved and treated. In the trailer, we see Aya Nikola in a healed state in İnegöl Castle. So somehow Aya Nikola was able to bypass the alps and reach the castle.

However, as I said in my previous analysis, Aya Nikola will appear stronger than before. We saw this in the second trailer, and these two people, who first came to Osman Bey and spoke with him, then went to Aya Nikola to the İnegöl Castle and cooperate with him, will cause Osman Bey a lot of difficulties.

However, apart from these enemies, Dündar Bey will be the person who will cooperate with Aya Nikola and cause Osman Bey the most. According to my analysis, after Osman Bey becomes Kayı Obası Bey, Dündar Bey is the enemy of my enemy, my friend, in a few chapters, he will try to establish an alliance with Osman Bey’s enemies with his logic.

In the next chapters, Targun Hatun’s first move in order to obtain Osman Bey will be to choose Islam and become a Muslim. If Targun Hatun is really a guest actor and his name is not Malhun Hatun after converting to Islam, then he will bid farewell to the series in a few episodes. With his farewell, the foundations of Malhun Hatun’s inclusion in the series will be laid. In other words, it is not too long for Malhun Hatun to enter the series.

With the rise of Osman Bey among the Turkmen Principalities in Anatolia, his name will begin to be heard a lot in the Seljuk State , and with the inclusion of Seljuk Emir Ömer Abdulaziz Bey in the series, he will support Osman Bey in his case. In order to be stronger and to strengthen the trust between them , he will want Osman Bey to marry his own daughter Malhun Hatun.

With regard to Flatyos, Flatyos will get rid of all kinds of caged tents. Although we do not know exactly whether with Lena Hatun’s help, Flatyos will somehow get rid of it. Apart from these questions, Sheikh Edebali will have disciples in the election of Principality, but Sheikh Edebali will not. Afterwards, the scenes of Boran Alp, Gonca Hatun and Göktuğ Alp, Aygül Hatun relations will begin soon. However, they have to be postponed because they have big events every time.

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