Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 40 Season 1

  • What about shaft, Father?
  • Medet Allah. You will be saved Bala, hold on less and less. Ya Bismillah. Ya Shafi help Allah. What is that detail that everyone missed ?
  • What was written at the end of the will left to Osman Bey by Ertuğrul Gazi? Will Bala Hatun die?
  • Will Osman Bey really marry Targun Hatun?
  • Or will the alliance between the Kayılar and the Cuman Turks, that is, the marriage, not with Targun Hatun and Osman Bey, but with another bey other than Kayılar?
  • Who is Petrus, the Pope’s tong, who is the newcomer to the series?
  • And why is Aya Nikola so afraid of Peter?
  • More importantly, what will be the big trap they will set for Osman Bey?
  • Likewise, when Dündar Bey will be killed by Osman Bey, while collaborating with İnegöl Tekfuru Aya Nikola as in the past? What will change with the addition of the son of Prosecutor Bey, Bayhoca to the series?

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

First of all, let’s start with the most curious questions. I will give very important information about other important characters in the series apart from these questions. Let’s start with the will left to Osman Bey by Ertuğrul Gazi. While Bamsı Bey reads this will, he writes something as important as the Kayı Obası Beyliği at the end of the will, apart from the fact that Osman Bey should be the Kayı Obası Bey.

And on top of that, Bamsı Bey does not know what was written before, and he is very surprised after reading what was written. After all, we know that Bamsı Bey knows even the most important secrets of Ertuğrul Gazi. I mean, if Bamsı Bey did not even know the other important thing written in this testament, and he learned at that moment, it means that it is not in the form of knowledge that Bamsı Bey has had for years about Ertuğrul Gazi and Kayı Obası, and the great state they will establish in Anatolia.

According to my analysis, the other important thing written in the will will be about Osman Bey. And that thing will probably be marriage, which is the only way in which the Kayı can rise, be accepted and become stronger, both among the Turkmen clans in Anatolia and between the Seljuk State , after Osman Bey becomes Kayı Bey .

In other words, what I mean is that most likely, what is written in the will, will ask Osman Bey to marry a strong brain girl from the lineage of the Sultan or the dynasty , apart from the daughter of Sheikh Edebalı Bala Hatun, both for the continuation of his descendants and for political purposes .

This girl will be Malhun Hatun, the daughter of the powerful Ömer Abdulaziz Bey, who has a very important place in the Seljuk State in history. However, Malhun Hatun will not participate in the series soon. But be sure, if there is probably no problem until the season finale, we will see Malhun Hatun with his father Ömer Abdulaziz Bey. Now let’s come to the information Ertuğrul Gazi has secretly collected underground with Bamsı Bey for years. This information will be first about the Anatolian and Turkmen camps and then about the enemies and spies within the enemies.

Thanks to the information, Osman Bey will have many things necessary for the world state to be established to be strong. And be sure, in the near future, many other principalities will be included in the series, apart from the Kayı Principality and the Çobanoğulları Principality. At the beginning of these, we will see many principalities such as the Çavdar Principality, the Candaroğulları Principality and the Çaka Principality.

Osman Bey’s statement in the trailer that the state I will establish is a world state and that I will strive for the rebirth of the Turkish Khanate proves what we have told. However, after Osman Bey leaves, Petrus and the treacherous potter Idris follow Bamsı Bey and find the place where they have secret information. It means that Peter does not have many soldiers and he sends a few soldiers there for control purposes and Bamsı Bey kills them.

But as a result, with the emergence of his secret underground shelter, Bamsı Bey will burn the book, which is probably the most important and summary of the things there, to Osman Bey, so that there is no trace. Now let’s talk about Osman Bey and Targun Hatun on marriage. First of all, let me say this. Perhaps there was a possibility that Targun Hatun became a Muslim and became Malhun Hatun after his name changed.

However, it is not there anymore. Because the character of Malhun Hatun is not shown as poisoning Bala Hatun to marry Osman Bey. But don’t worry, Bala Hatun will get better soon. And according to the most accurate news sources, the actor who portrayed the character of Targun Hatun came as a guest actor in 10 episodes, and since he participated in the 34th episode, if we add 10 more episodes, he will leave the series in episode 44.

So this means that if there is no change in the script, in the 41st episode, Targun Hatun will be put on trial by throwing Bala Hatun into the caged tent for poisoning. Then a few episodes will leave the series with some events. Of course, if there is no change in the scenario. But if the scenario is different and Targun Hatun will stay longer in the series, then the relationship between Kayılar and Cuman Turks will be made with someone other than the Kayı Obasi, not with Targun Hatun and Osman Bey. Another question is who is Petrus, who is the tong of the Pope and even Aya Nikola is afraid?

According to the history in the series, the Pope rose in Byzantium separately from Rome in those years, and problems arose between Rome and the Pope with the Crusades. As it is said in the series, even Aya Nikola does not prefer those who burned Constantinople to the Turks who took Kulucahisar.

In other words, the Pope, who is perhaps even stronger than Aya Nikola, and his pawn Petrus, will continue as a great enemy against Osman Bey and Kayı. So I mean, Aya Nikola may even betray Petrus and cooperate with Osman Bey in the upcoming episodes. Now let’s talk about Dündar Bey and his betrayal. As in the same date in the series, Dündar Bey will betray Osman Bey and Kayı for his own ambition and interests , and will be killed by Osman Bey. And according to Aya Nikola, he will soon start to cooperate with Dündar Bey , who is easy to control, and he will use Dündar Bey.

Later, Osman Bey, who learned this betrayal, will kill Dündar Bey. But of course, these events will only happen to the season finale. In other words, Dündar Bey will betray longer. And let’s come to Bayhoca, son of Prosecutor Bey, which I am also looking forward to. The first thing that will have an impact on Kayı Obas on Bayhoca will be to make between his father, Savcı Bey, and Osman Bey. And be sure in the upcoming episodes, we will see very beautiful Osman Bey and Bayhoca scenes.

We can even compare Bayhoca to Aliyar Bey’s childhood. Apart from these important questions, Cerkutay will continue the series like a real alp in the near future. Apart from this, since Göktuğ Alp is now Alpbaşı, we can see the first scenes of Göktuğ Alp and Aygül Hatun, Insha’Allah, if Aygül Hatun participates in the training while training the Alperi in Kayı Ob.

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