Kurulus Osman Episode 42 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 42 Reviews – dirilistv

Kurulus Osman Episode 42 Important question Season 1

Gas fire will burn! Cenk squares will be fun! This way is the way of the right! When will the Establishment Osman 42th Episode be released?

With the injury of Bamsı Bey’s right hand and the inability to use a sword, is the basis for the departure of the character of Bamsı Bey from the series?

Will Dündar Bey hear Osman Bey’s conquest plans at dinner at Kayı Otağı, and tell Aya Nikolay about these plans for Osman Bey to fall into the trap?

Or will it be in the next chapters, what happened in the Armenian War , in which Osman Bey and his alps were trapped by Aya Nikola and Savcı Bey’s son Bayhoca was martyred, because of Dündar Bey?

When will Dündar Bey and Hazal Hatun die?

What will Targun Hatun and his father Inal Bey do?

Or will Inal Bey turn to his oba to take revenge, gather the Cumans and wage war against the Kayı?

Likewise, will Targun Hatun be able to use Göktuğ Alp, who was exiled with him, to take revenge on Osman Bey?

And what will be Göktuğ Alp’s grand plan?

When will Malhun Hatun and his father Ömer Abdulaziz be included in the series?

Which two hostile sides will there be a collaboration that no one expected in the show?

You will soon be able to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details

First of all, the most curious Organization Osman will be given the new episode, the 42nd episode. Now, let’s start the analysis with Mr. Bamsı. According to recent reports, the actor who portrayed the character of Bamsı Bey is likely to leave the series because he has a different series project. However, although there are signals that the character of Bamsı Bey will die in the last episodes, Bamsı Bey will not leave the series without managing Cerkutay, that is, making Osman Bey’s Bamsi as he said.

So Bamsı Bey will remain in the series for at least 3-4 episodes. And during this time, probably while the character of Cerkutay is in the development stage, Bamsı Bey can no longer use the sword he used with his right hand and right hand, so he can give this sword to Cerkutay. And this will be one of the first steps for Cerkutay to become Osman Bey’s Bamsi.

Now let’s talk about Osman Bey’s plan and Dündar Bey’s betrayal. According to my analysis, there are two major scenarios that could happen here. And the son of the Prosecutor Bey, Bayhoca, will also be martyred. Even if we remember the previous episode, Bayhoca also asked Osman Bey for a job, but Osman Bey said that if you get the permission of your mother and father, then you can only take office.

Probably, Bayhoca will not get permission from his mother and father, and the Prosecutor will agree to cooperate with Aya Nikola, just like Dündar Bey. And the reason why Bayhoca was martyred in the Armenian War, where Osman Bey would be trapped, may even be the trap that the Prosecutor Bey will set for Osman Bey. After that, the Savcı Bey will get smarter and will go on the right path.

However, I think that Dündar Bey will set this trap here. And I think that the Prosecutor will not betray, and even if he finds out about this trap at worst, he will not say anything to Osman Bey. The death of Dündar Bey and Hazal Hatun will be the next episode of the episode where Dündar Bey and Aya Nikola collaborate again and Osman Bey fell into a trap. Now let’s talk about Targun Hatun and his father İnal Bey, who were exiled from Kayı Obasi.

According to my analysis, of course Targun Hatun and İnal Bey will try to get revenge. Targun Hatun will tell his father Inal Bey what happened differently and provoke his father against Osman Bey. However, I think they will not go to the camp they live in immediately. They will cooperate with Aya Nikola in order to take revenge on Osman Bey. Before leaving the Kayı Obasi, Targun Hatun Göktuğ will meet Alp and draw him to his side to take revenge on Osman Bey.

Göktuğ Alp will also accept it, maybe even convince Aya Nikola and give Osman Bey many important information about İnegöl Castle. In terms of the scenario, Osman Bey and Göktuğ will also face each other in the Battle of Armenia, where Osman Bey will be trapped, and they will win the war with Göktuğ taking Osman Bey’s side. However, of course, these are only the possibilities I wrote about in terms of the scenario.

Unfortunately, there are many unfounded news about Malhun Hatun and his father Ömer Abdulaziz Bey. Because although we know that they will participate in the series, we do not know when they will participate. However, logically, although we do not know how long he will stay in the series for Ömer Abdulaziz Bey, who will participate in the series, since we know that the actor who portrays the character of Malhun Hatun will stay in the series for a long time, that is, until the series finale, this player will also receive training before participating in the series as the other players say.

I mean, since he will receive training in horse riding, swords, and shooting arrows in this preparation process, in this preparation process for participating in the series, if the actor who will play the character of Malhun Hatun was to participate in the series soon , he already worked on the set, or from the analysis channels that he knew on the set or from the social media accounts of those who worked on the set.

I mean, either the character of Malhun Hatun will not be included in the series anytime soon and will be included in the season finale at the latest, or the player who will portray Malhun Hatun’s character will already be ready but hiding like a secret.

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