Kurulus Osman Episode 43 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 43 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 Reviews – dirilistv

Some Questions About Kurulus Osman Episode 43 Season 1

Kulucahisar fell, sir. Nikola sent me to report. He said he should tell the Turks what I did. What do you say! I’ll rip out your lungs! I’ll rip out your lungs! I will go into that castle tomorrow. How did it happen that Bayhoca was captured by Aya Nikola and captured in İnegöl Castle?

Was Osman Bey’s other alps captured together with Bayhoca?

Entering the castle to save Bayhoca, will Osman Bey find Bayhoca dead, even though he eats his enemies?

And will Osman Bey be able to kill Aya Nikola in the next episode?

When will we be able to see Malhun Hatun, the mother of Orhan Bey, who will marry Osman Bey, who wrote in Ertuğrul Gazi’s will?

Although we are happy with the collaboration of Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun, why was Göktuğ Alp never shown in this episode?

Did Göktuğ leave the series?

Or is this why Aygül Hatun Cerkutay love will begin instead of Aygül Hatun Göktuğ Alp?

And if Aygül would not be Göktuğ, then why did she become Aygül with Cerkutay, not with Aygül Gence Bey or any alpine?

The war we watched in the previous section was not the Armenian War. So when and how will the Armenian War be?

Because who knows how perfect the Bozdağ Production team, who worked so hard for a war without a name and made a super war scene, will shoot the real war scenes that have happened in our original history?

You will learn the answers to all these questions and more.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

First of all, let’s start with Bayhoca, one of the most curious questions. According to my analysis, there may be two reasons why Bayhoca was taken prisoner. While Osman Bey’s alps are in the castle in the trailer, they enter the clothes of the Byzantine soldiers and Bayhoca does not have these clothes.

That is to say, Bayhoca did not enter the castle with a task given by Osman Bey or his own will, that is, to achieve some things, he was caught and brought by force. And the reason why other alps came with Osman Bey in the trailer will be to save Bayhoca.

Even in the trailer, we will find a trace of the Prosecutor Bey’s Lena Hatun, of course, we will get some news, the meaning of his word means that Bayhoca went out of the camp for duty or to do a job for another reason and was caught. It was understood that he disappeared because he did not return to the obit.

According to my analysis, the biggest factor in Bayhoca’s fall into this situation will be the pope’s men and the treacherous potter Idris. But do not worry, although Bayhoca is tormented and injured, Osman Bey will save him before he is killed. Thus, along with the Prosecutor Bey, Lena Hatun will no longer be against Osman Bey, and they will always support him.

Osman Bey’s entry into İnegöl Castle was probably due to Sheikh Edebali, Zülfikar Derviş, the cook Aristo or his daughter, who informed him that Bayhoca was there. However, even if Osman Bey rescues Bayhoca in the next episode, he will not be able to kill Aya Nikola, and there will be martyrs from his alps. Apart from these events, I hope Bayhoca was not caught because of his fault with the naivety of his youth.

Because Diriliş Ertuğrul will be known to those who watch.At the time, Dündar Bey was captured by Vasilyus because of his mistake and caused the death of Doğan, one of the closest alps of Ertuğrul Bey, who accompanied Dündar Bey. In other words, there may be martyrs as the price of the mistake made in the next episode. Now, when will Malhun Hatun be included in the series, written in Ertuğrul Gazi’s will, when Osman Bey will marry and who will be Orhan Bey’s mother in history? According to my analysis, Malhun Hatun was not long to be included in the series.

In other words, since Osman Bey and Bala Hatun are not children in every episode and the heir issues are opened, and in the last chapter, as a result of Osman Bey’s dream of his future wife Malhun Hatun with his father Ertuğrul Gazi, Malhun Hatun is now included in the series. will be.

Although we do not know which actor will portray this character, which is important in our history, Be sure Malhun Hatun will portray a well-known person or a player who is not known at all but will be loved by us because he will stay in the series for a long time even until the season finale.

And as Bala Hatun said in the trailer, Bala Hatun will find this girl. However, Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun’s encounter can have 3 forms, as they cannot find this chick in Kayı Obama. The first one may encounter Malhun Hatun in Kulucahisar Castle or Karacahisar Castle. Second, if we consider it simple, perhaps Ömer Abdulaziz Bey and Malhun Hatun can visit Kayı Obas. Thirdly, they may meet in the Germiyanoğulları Principality, one of the neighbors whose names are mentioned a lot in the series.

However, as I said before, this meeting will happen soon. Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun will be married soon and will have a wedding ceremony. But what will happen to Göktuğ Alp, who is not shown in this episode, or did he leave the series?

In my past analysis, I said that Göktuğ Alp was with Targun Hatun and that Targun Hatun would act with Göktuğ Alp to take revenge on Osman Bey.

Göktuğ Alp will be shown in the next episode or within 2 episodes at most. But there are still those who say, in the comments, did Göktuğ betray me?

No, Göktuğ did not betray, and his exile from the camp is because he and Osman Bey had a secret plan.

But another important question is, while we Göktuğ and Aygül Hatun are waiting for love, will the love of Cerkutay and Aygül begin?

Since Göktuğ and Aygül would not have love and Aygül Hatun had to be in a couple with someone else in the series, why did this person become Cerkutay in terms of the script?

So it could have been Gence Bey, it could have been Dumrul Alp. According to my analysis, Cerkutay will fall in love with Aygül Hatun at first, Aygül Hatun will fall in love with Göktuğ and Aygül Hatun will marry Göktuğ, and Cerkutay will sacrifice her own life to save Aygül Hatun in a war.

i thought In fact, the script can continue like this in future episodes. Because, as you know, even from the time of Diriliş Ertuğrul, apart from the alps next to Ertuğrul Bey, the characters who were included in the series and accepted the religion of Islam became a martyr in a short time. In other words, I do not think that Cerkutay will be a couple with Aygül or even get married.

But I hope Cerkutay will not be martyred and we can see him for a long time in the series. Now let’s talk about war. Frankly, I thought that this war would be the Armenian War and Bayhoca would be martyred. Because, as Bozdağ Yapım said, this battle scene was one of the best war scenes in Turkish history. However, it is good that this war did not take place in the Armenian War and Bayhoca did not die.

And this means that the TV series Establishment Osman, which raises the bar even for any war without a name in history, will make us watch beautiful scenes for the wars in our original history.

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 reviews done !!

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