Kurulus Osman Episode 45 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 45

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 Reviews – dirilistv

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 Important Questions Season 1

We will give you Osman’s head! You will also go to Söğüt. You will kill Bala, Targun! Nikola wants to increase our enemies. He collaborated with the Mongol against us, now the Cumans. My hand will not go empty when my Hak Steal goes to him! Will Bamsı Bey really die?

And who is the person who stabs the dagger in the back of Bamsi Bey in the trailer? Is Sheikh Edebalı included in the series? Aya Nikola says Targun Hatun that you too will go to Söğüt to kill Bala Hatun. The reason Aya Nikola is using the word you too is that before this saying, he set up someone else as well.

And most likely, the other person he set up will be Osman Bey. So, in the trap that Aya Nikola set for Osman Bey, will Göktuğ Alp be the person who will attack him? And how will Osman Bey react when Göktuğ Alp cooperates with Targun Hatun and learns that he is against him?

He wants to cooperate with Dündar Bey in order to enter Aya Nikola Kayı Otağı, that is, Osman Bey’s tent. So, will Dundar Bey accept Aya Nikola’s agreement? And more importantly, if Dündar Bey accepts this agreement, what kind of power will he ask Aya Nikola in return for the agreement?

You will learn the answers to all these questions and more in a minute.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

First of all, let’s start the analysis with the most curious question of whether Bamsı Bey will die. According to my analysis, yes, unfortunately, Bamsı Bey will die and say goodbye to the series. However, in the trailer, Bamsı Bey says that I will not go empty when I go to my right player. So before he is martyred, be sure he will kill a few of Aya Nikola’s men. And the person who stabs Bamsı Bey from behind is either the Potter Idris or the lame devil from the Pope’s men. However, there is one more possibility.

Bamsı Bey, who does not trust the potter Idris, or Demirci Davut, who is suspicious of the potter Idris, may have sent a man to follow them secretly, and they can possibly save Bamsı Bey, who is seriously injured, and bring him to the camp. Of course, this is unlikely because if this happens, Potter Idris will turn out to be a traitor.

But according to my analysis, it will not turn out that Potter Idris is a traitor. Now let’s get to the topic of Şeyh Edebalı. Last season, after the first season finale, the actress Seda Yıldız, who played the character of Şeyh Edebalı, shared on her social media account that she left the series Osman.

To summarize briefly, Şeyh Edebalı did not say that his character left the series, but on the contrary, he would not revive the character of Şeyh Edebalı. I mean, just like Engin Altan Düzyatan did not portray Ertuğrul Bey, now Eda Yıldız will not play the character of Şeyh Edebalı, but a different player will be included in the series. Apart from analysis, I will now clarify one more point for you, for the curious.

There may be many reasons why these actors, whom we want to see while portraying these characters on screen, do not want to portray them now even though they had portrayed the characters before. But imagine that if not Tamer Yiğit in the role of Ertuğrul Gazi, but Engin Altan Düzyatan, who had aged instead of him, had come to an old age instead of him ,

Ertuğrul Gazi, who we knew at the time of the resurrection Ertuğrul, who was very strong, is now included in the TV series Establishment Osman, If there is, it will not be good for his career if he gets sick in half, falls on the bed and dies helplessly before his illness is found, and of course a great actor like Engin Altan Düzyatan comes to the series as a guest actor and leaves.

Now, the character of Şeyh Edebalı will probably be the same as in Ertuğrul Gazi for this season, and Eda Yıldız, who portrayed the character of Şeyh Edebalı , reported on her social media account that she will no longer portray this character. Perhaps the agreement could be reached again. However, if he were, he would delete this post he had previously made. I mean, the character of Şeyh Edebalı may be included in the series, but this character will be played by a different actor. Of course, there is also something like this, if Sheikh Edebalı was included in the last scene of the 44th episode.

Now let’s get to the word and meaning Aya Nikola said to Targun Hatun. As I said at the beginning of the analysis, Aya Nikola says Targun Hatun and you will go to Söğüt and kill Bala Hatun. So before this promise, Aya Nikola told someone else to kill someone else. Then he turns to Targun Hatun and says these words. According to my analysis, the person Aya Nikola said these words before Targun Hatun would be either Flatyos or Göktuğ Alp.

Most likely there will be Göktuğ Alp, and in the next section, we can see the fight of Göktuğ Alp and Osman Bey, albeit a little. Targun Hatun will of course try to kill Bala Hatun, but he will not be successful. Of course, Osman Bey will pretend to be surprised when he finds out that Göktuğ Alp has changed sides, but as I have told you in my past analysis, Göktuğ Alp’s change of sides will be a secret plan of Osman Bey. And make sure this secret plan will continue for 3-4 more episodes.

Another question, let’s come to the agreement and results of Aya Nikola and Dündar Bey. In the trailer, he asks Aya Nikola Dündar Bey to help him enter Osman Bey’s tent and get confidential documents. Of course, the loss of documents that are so important to Osman Bey and the damage of Osman Bey will help Aya Nikola for Dündar Bey’s business. In return, he will give gold to Aya Nikola Dündar Bey and help him earn more money.

Towards the end of our analysis, in the analysis we made last week, Aya Nikola will kill the spies of Osman Bey in the castle and that the martyr who came with the armor brought by Obaya Cerkutay is Arito, that the Prosecutor Bey will fall into the trap of Aya Nikola and be injured, Osman Bey He will give Kulucahisar Castle to save his nephew Bayhoca, but he has a secret plan and will take it back immediately, Commander Alexander has his head in the ballot box sent to Aya Nikola, Lena Hatun will cooperate with Flatyos, Flatyos will cooperate with Targun Hatun.

I have given you a lot of information until they will want to do it, that Targun Hatun will use Göktuğ and take over the Cuman Turks and they will come back together by getting stronger, and I will continue to do so, Insha’Allah.

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