Kurulus Osman Episode 46 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 46 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 46 Reviews – dirilistv
Kurulus Osman Episode 46 Important Questions Season 1

My sheikh What is the meaning of Osman Bey’s secret agreement with Koyunhisar Tekfuru , the traitors will be cleared, the holy state will rise !, what is the meaning?

Or will Osman Bey set up a game in the game, rescue Bala Hatun and other captives, and set a great trap for the Pope’s men and Aya Nikola?

How will Sheikh Edebalı and Gündüz Bey’s arrival to Kayı Obas change the balance?

How will Göktuğ Alp, who was stabbed by Bala Hatun, ensure that the documents that Ertuğrul Gazi left to Osman Bey, necessary for establishing a state, would not be passed on to Aya Nikola?

How will Osman Bey and Bamsı Bey get rid of the trap set by Aya Nikola?

Likewise, will the Prosecutor, Bayhoca, Cerkutay and Aygül Hatun, who have fallen into the trap, be saved?

Will Sheikh Edebalı remain in the series permanently?

Or will it be split after a few episodes?

You will learn the answers to all these questions and more in a minute.

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

First of all, let’s start with the analysis with Osman Bey’s secret plan and what he will do in the next chapter. According to my analysis, Osman Bey will save Bala Hatun and other captives, and deal a great blow to Aya Nikola and the Pope’s men in the next episode. All these will be done thanks to Koyunhisar Tekfuru, who wants to replace Inegol Tekfuru Aya Nikola. According to my analysis, Koyunhisar Tekfuru will go to Aya Nikola in the next episode. Then, Koyunhisar Tekfuru will get some information from Aya Nikola and tell this information to Osman Bey.

Of course, it is not clear that if Aya Nikola is suspicious of Koyunhisar Tekfur, he can kill him. But before he is killed, he will give Osman Bey some important information, Koyunhisar Tekfuru. Even with this information, Osman Bey will save the other prisoners with Bala Hatun. It will also deal a great blow to the Pope’s men. It will even be evident in the next episode that the potter Idris and the Pope’s spy, merchant lame devil traitors.

Osman Bey will set a great trap by using both the information he received from the Koyunhisar Land and his intelligence. In the last scene of the next episode trailer, the traitors will be cleared, the holy state will rise !, This is the meaning of his words. In the last scene of the forty-fifth episode, Şeyh Edebalı and Gündüz Bey, who came to the camp, probably thought that they could save Bala Hatun and the prisoners, unfortunately they will not be able to save them. Targun Hatun and Göktuğ Alp will take them prisoner and move away from the camp.

However, before moving away from the camp, we hear Selcan Hatun said at the beginning of the trailer that they took the trusts of my Osman. In other words, they are taking the crate that Ertuğrul Gazi left to Osman Bey, with secret state documents, and Göktuğ Alp did not prevent this. So Göktuğ Alp will not reveal his real face yet. However, if you have noticed, Göktuğ Alp, while leaving Osman Bey’s room with Targun Hatun, looks at the chest and documents and waits for Targun Hatun to come out from the front.

According to my analysis, Göktuğ Alp will have replaced the secret documents with other pieces of paper there, or removed the direct documents from the ballot box , before leaving Osman Bey’s room where the actual important documents were . Now let’s talk about Sheikh Edebali. Although the Sheikh Edebalı character, who was removed from the series last year, will not be coming to the series this year, it means that we decided to include this character, which is very important in our history, to the series again as a result of the reaction of the audience. It was also very good that Seda Yıldız played the character of Şeyh Edebalı.

However, the character of Şeyh Edebalı will probably not take a very active role in the series as it was in the last season, as in Aksaçlılar. But we’ll still see at most a few episodes in a series. Now let’s get to how Osman Bey and Bamsı Bey will get rid of the trap that Aya Nikola set for them. According to my analysis, there is nothing difficult for them to get out of here. In other words, even Bamsı Bey, who fought with one arm, killed 6-7 soldiers. Likewise, Osman Bey alone can kill at least 10 enemies at the same time.

And since these enemies do not use bow and arrow, be sure that even if someone does not come to save Osman Bey and Bamsı Bey, they will return to Kayı Obas in the next episode. Now, let’s come to Savcı Bey, Bayhoca, Cerkutay and Aygül Hatun who were trapped in the same way. Unfortunately, in the past episode, Dumrul Alp was martyred and said goodbye to the series. So he is not dead etc. No need to comment on style. I have already told you in my past analysis that he could not get out of that situation.

However, the departure of Dumrul Alp means the addition of a new alpine to the series. Perhaps the separation of Dumrul Alp character, who uses only one ax in the series, may mean that Turgut Bey or his son, if any, are included in the series. But we will see these as time goes on, so let’s go back to the analysis business

. In the next episode, Savcı Bey, Bayhoca, Cerkutay and Aygül Hatun, who have fallen into the trap, will come together again and defeat their enemies, even if they were separated when they were fighting at first. But of course some will get hurt. Cerkutay’s jump in front of Aygül Hatun while the arrow is coming and protecting her will take the relationship between them to the next level.

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