Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Reviews – dirilistv

Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Important Questions Season 1

  • Malhun will sharpen teeth like a she-wolf! Togay! Will Göktuğ attack Black Shaman Togay again in the scene shown?
  • Or will Göktuğ be caught and mankurt this time? And will Black Shaman Togay die soon and leave the series like the past Mongol Commanders?
  • Or will he stay in the series for a long time like Baycu Noyan?
  • Why is Malhun Hatun angry with Osman Bey ?
  • Will Umur Bey die in the next episode?
  • And if Umur Bey dies, who will take over your principality?
  • Why did Bala Hatun come to the house where Malhun Hatun’s father Umur Bey was poisoned ?
  • So what was its main purpose?
  • Will the new Byzantine Commander, who is a descendant of Kalanoz, by order of the Emperor, be powerful?
  • And will Aya Nikola be able to deal with this commander?
  • More importantly, what will he do after hearing the news of Aya Nikola Flatyos’ death?
  • Did Jerkutay become a Muslim, or will he be?

You must Read the Article till the end to know all the details.

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more. Now let’s move on to the answers to the highly anticipated questions. First of all, let’s start the analysis with the most curious Black Shaman Togay. In the published trailer, we see that Black Shaman Togay first fought the Cuman Alps and then injured Göktuğ. However, according to my analysis, these scenes will be scenes from the past episode. The reason why these scenes were shown in the trailer is that Göktuğ survived injured from Togay’s hand in the past episode.

Then he left. After leaving, he will come to Kayı Obas and tell Osman Bey what happened. Showing the scenes in this past episode in the trailer, after coming to Göktuğ Kayı Obasi, the scenes from the previous section will be used when telling what happened. But in the scene in the middle of the trailer, there will definitely have been a battle where Black Shaman Togay went to the settlement or with his neighbors.

Because in the scene we see on the screen right now, Togay looks around in surprise. And he has bow and arrow in the hands of his guardians next to him. So they are looking for something. Of course, it is not clear that they may have prepared for hunting animals just because they are hungry. Make sure that Black Shaman Togay will be in the series for a long time. It will be both stronger and wiser than other Mongolian Commanders, and will be an enemy worthy of Osman Bey. According to my analysis on Umur Bey, Umur Bey will not die because of poison in the next section.

However, a few episodes will not be shown much in the series because of this poison. And if the situation of Umur Bey worsens, then Malhun Hatun will take over the head of his obese. However, if Umur Bey dies, then things can change. In other words, they do not want Malhun Hatun, the obese of Umur Bey, as their Bey, and they can support someone else. So of course these are just possibilities.

However, if such a thing happens, the most logical scenario that can happen will be Osman Bey’s assistance to Malhun Hatun. And after this help, they will marry both for the sake of the two obese and because Osman Bey needs heirs. Of course, these will not be in the next episode, things will only happen in 3-4 episodes.

The reason why Bala Hatun was in the Han where Malhun Hatun’s father was poisoned in the trailer may have come when he heard the news that Umur Bey was poisoned. In my previous analysis, I said that Umur Bey was poisoned and continued my analysis over this scenario.

However, the reason why Umur Bey is in bad condition may not be because he was poisoned. Because if Umur Bey had been poisoned, the person who poisoned would not leave any evidence behind. However, Malhun Hatun shows her anger by saying Togay. In other words, I mean that the bad situation of Umur Bey may actually be the raid of Togay on Umur Bey.

That’s why Togay says Malhun will sharpen teeth like a she-wolf for Hatun. And in the same way, the reason why Malhun Hatun got angry with Osman Bey would be that Osman Bey could not provide security. Because Osman Bey said in the last chapter to Malhun Hatun that the alps will provide safety, and most likely they could not.

Now let’s come to Aya Nikola. According to my analysis, Aya Nikola will get along well with the other Commander Kalanoz sent by the Emperor. Although they will not be as good as Flatyos, Kalanoz, who will be the Byzantine Commander this time, will be stronger.

Because now, with Osman Bey’s gradually gaining allies and getting stronger in the series, his enemies will also become stronger. Aya Nikola, of course, will be upset after receiving the news of Flatyos’ death, but he will both become more ambitious and resort to bad ways in order to take revenge on Osman Bey.

On the subject of Cerkutay, there are very beautiful scenes for Cerkutay in terms of the script right now and the audience likes it very much. But for some reason, Cerkutay’s transition to Islam is still not shown. The reason for this is that Cerkutay will die in the next few episodes and he will become a Muslim before he dies.

Or, Cerkutay’s transition to Islam will be extended a little longer and he will become a Muslim close to his marriage to Aygül Hatun. Perhaps only Cerkutay’s conversation with Sheikh Edebalı may be on hold. Unfortunately, I will not give a clear answer as there are many possibilities for this part.

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