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Kurulus Osman Episode 50

Kurulus Osman Episode 50 Reviews – dirilistv

Kurulus Osman Episode 50 Important Questions Season 1

  • How will Osman Bey fight against Aya Nikola and Black Shaman Togay, who are allies against him?
  • What will be the big trap that these two great enemies will set for Osman Bey?
  • With the unity of the enemies, Osman Bey will ally with which camps and with whom?
  • And why wasn’t Yavlak Arslan, the great Shepherd’s son, not in the toy that Osman Bey founded?
  • Where were Osman Bey going with the people next to him?
  • Why did Aya Nikola go to meet Togay alone?
  • That is, he did not take the new Byzantine Commander, who was descended from Kalanoz, with him?
  • Or is Aya Nikola not trusting him?
  • And what will change the arrival of the new Byzantine Commander?
  • Who are the people that Black Shaman Togay fought again?
  • How did Geyhatu learn about Osman Bey’s secret plan?
  • Or are there spies of Geyhatu among the gentlemen who came to Osman Bey’s toughness?
  • When will Dündar Bey’s treachery be understood and punished?
  • Which great enemy did Koskoca Baycu Noyan kill?
  • Why is Black Shaman Togay’s fighting style different from everyone else’s war?
  • And will we be able to see the other two brothers rescued by Black Shaman Togay in the upcoming episodes?

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Now let’s move on to the answers to the highly anticipated questions. First of all, let’s start with the analysis with one of the most important issues, Aya Nikola and the Black Shaman Togay alliance. According to my analysis, in the next episode, Aya Nikola will leave the Emperor and come to İnegöl Castle with the new Byzantine Commander, who is a descendant of Kalanoz, and will leave halfway to form an alliance with Black Shaman Togay.

Of course, this alliance will be arranged by the Pope’s man, Peter. However, as a result, it will form an alliance with Aya Nikola Togay. And as the first action of this alliance, they will join forces and fight against the Turkmen Oba around İnegöl. Probably because the Byzantines did not have much military power, one of the terms of the agreement would be Aya Nikola’s support of gold and money to Togay.

Now let’s get to how Osman Bey will defeat his enemies united against him. According to my analysis, Osman Bey will form an alliance with the neighboring Turkmen Oba, with the alliance of the enemies. He had already taken the first step of this by making a toy in the previous episode. Although there were big problems with the toy, Osman Bey regained the trust of most of the Beys.

In the next episode, he will gain the trust of Umur Bey, and his strongest ally. Later, the principality of Kayılar and Umur Bey, that is, Bayundur Beylik, will unite in order to be stronger and become a single power between the two great principalities. After the marriage of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun, this principality will change its name and turn into the Ottomans, the foundations of the future Ottoman Empire. However, of course, these are things that will happen over time, if not in a few chapters.

Demirci Davut told Osman Bey that the Jackals and Pigs formed an alliance, and they will probably learn from Kumral Abdal. Another question is, why wasn’t Yavlak Arslan in the toy that Osman Bey set up? According to my analysis, Osman Bey did not call him because he had already made an agreement with Çobanoğulları Bey Yavlak Arslan. Because he knew that Yavlak Arslan was preparing for the battle, and he did not want to slow him down.

However, unfortunately, according to my analysis, the collapse of the Cobanogullari Principality, the obas of Yavlak Arslan, due to the attack of the Mongols, as in the past, will be handled in this style. Probably, as a result of the alliance of Togay and Aya Nikola, they would intimidate the other Turkmen Oba by destroying the Çobanoğulları Principality with the order of Geyhatu Han. The arrival of the new Byzantine Commander, a descendant of Kalanos, shown in the trailer, of course, will cause difficulties for Osman Bey.

However, if this new Byzantine Commander is the person shown in the trailer, this person will not be very powerful. In other words, I do not know if this is called feeling or experience, but there will be a commander who will be deceived and die just like the previous Kalanoz. But Inshallah will surprise us and we can see more action scenes. While talking to Petrus Dündar Bey , Nikola says he is now talking to Togay.

But they don’t even mention the other Byzantine Commander. So apart from the weakness of this commander, Aya Nikola also does not trust this commander, who did not even bring him with him during his meeting with Togay. The people that Black Shaman Togay fought again are Malhun Hatun’s men. So actually these scenes are scenes from the previous episode. Most likely, Malhun Hatun is telling this event to someone, or he is dreaming and remembering the past. In fact, the showing of Osman Bey as if he was going to make a toy again in the last scene of the new episode trailer is probably a scene from the previous episode.

Because I made a comparison and the scene angle shot with the camera, the location of the conquest plans on the table, and even everything from fruit to food on the table is the same. Therefore, this scene will also be a scene from the past episode. The place where Osman Bey went along with his brothers, Bamsı Bey, Abdurrahman Gazi and other alps in the trailer will probably be the places where the neighboring camps or camps will settle. Now let’s get to the subject of Geyhatu Han.

According to my analysis, Geyhatu Han does not need a spy to learn Osman Bey’s plans. As a result, he met Osman Bey several times in the past and got to know Osman Bey a little. If you remember Geyhatu Han, he always wanted to know every person he saw. He knows that with Osman Bey conquering Kulucahisar Castle and retaking Karacahisar Castle, the purpose of establishing a toy will be to conquer İnegöl Castle and then to establish his own state. However, according to my analysis, there are spies among those who come to Toya.

We will see this in the upcoming episodes. As for Dündar Bey, according to my analysis, the person who will be the most influential in the capture of Dündar Bey will be Umur Bey. The evidence Malhun Hatun found, that is, the owner of the ring, Dündar Bey, will soon be learned by Umur Bey in a few chapters. During this time, of course, Dündar Bey will not stand idle, he will continue his betrayals. Now let’s come to Black Shaman Togay.

In the last episode, we learned that Togay’s father was Noyan. Some of my viewers who commented on my analysis last week said that Togay was Noyan’s son. I do not know how they learned this information, but it is halal for them from here. Going to the analysis, let’s start with Baycu Noyan first. According to my analysis, other Mongolian Commanders killed Baycu Noyan who could not attract him. As for the reason, Noyan was so important for the Mongol ruler and Hülagü Han as much as Ertuğrul Gazi was important for the Seljuk State and its Sultan.

Of course, for this sake, other Mongolian Commanders somehow killed Noyan and captured his children. And we learned that with the exception of Togay, Noyan had two more children. But Togay saved both of his brothers who were captive. According to my analysis, at least one of these two siblings will be shown to us in future episodes. And again, according to my analysis, I think at least one of these siblings will be a female character.

Even in the scenario that does not make Aygül Hatun and Göktuğ a couple, having another prisoner like Göktuğ can be someone who will suit Göktuğ, even if he is a Mongolian. Of course, it is not clear, this is just one of the scenarios about the next episode that I set up.

It could be another match. The reason Togay’s combat style is different will be because in the past, when he was freed from captivity, he lived alone in the forests, but was raised beastly in search of food. According to Göktuğ, a shaman trained him afterwards. But before that, Togay had created a unique fighting style to survive. I think this part is very well thought out in terms of the script. Because there should have been differences between the enemies in the show, even when fighting.

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