Kurulus Osman Episode 51 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 51

Kurulus Osman Episode 51 Reviews – dirilistv
Kurulus Osman Episode 51 Important Questions Season 1

  • Am I allowed to go now?
  • Alps! Let the Turkmen Objects know. Say Osman Bey opens the banner! Sentence, gentlemen, let soldiers set up for our army! Why did Umur Bey go to İnegöl Castle to meet Aya Nikola?
  • Or will Umur Bey betray Osman Bey in order to save his daughter Malhun Hatun during the exchange?
  • In the last scene of the fiftieth episode, that is, the last episode, the Black Shaman asked Togay Osman Bey, am I allowed to go now?
  • Osman Bey called out as alps ''. What will Osman Bey do in this scene?
  • Or will Osman Bey take Black Shaman Togay captive?
  • Will Togay and Aya Nikola, who captured Malhun Hatun, be able to exchange Yarhisar Tekfur with Malhun Hatun, as he told Osman Bey?
  • Will Commander Kalanoz be a powerful warrior, who will bring reinforcements to Aya Nikola by the Emperor's orders?
  • Or will these troops come and trap Osman Bey at the exact time of the barter?
  • Will Turgut Bey be included in the series as the season finale approaches?
  • And besides this, will Köse Mihal and Yunus Emre, whom we know from history, be included in the series?

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

First of all, let's start the analysis with the question of whether Umur Bey will betray the most curious question. According to my analysis, there may be two reasons why Umur Bey went to Aya Nikola. First of all, Umur Bey could not wait with this anger and since he could not learn the plans of Osman Bey, he will go to Aya Nikola's castle and ask for his daughter as soon as possible. However, Aya Nikola will of course not give Malhun Hatun.

But if you give Osman to me, he will say that I will give you a girl. And Umur Bey can betray him and lead Osman Bey to Aya Nikola's trap in order to save his daughter. However, the second possibility is that Umur Bey's all this is a secret plan he has set up with Osman Bey from the very beginning, and they can lure Aya Nikola into a trap.

That is why Umur Bey goes to Aya Nikola in the next episode. Now let's get to what will happen in the last scene of the fiftieth episode, that is, the last episode. Because Black Shaman Togay told Osman Bey if I am allowed to go now in this scene. And Osman Bey called out, Alps ”.

According to my analysis, Osman Bey will not allow Togay to leave the camp by waving his hand in this scene. Osman Bey may have two things to do here. Either Osman Bey will take Togay prisoner by giving orders to his alps. Both Yarhisar Tekfuru and Togay will be captive. After that, the trade time will be advantageous. Or Osman Bey will pretend to let Togay go, saying drop the swords to his alps.

However, as I have just said in this part, the Black Shaman of Osman Bey will not let Togay go out of the camp with a wave of his arms. So he will send a man behind him to follow Togay. Now let’s get to what will happen in the time of barter. According to my analysis, this clearing time will be towards the end of the next section. It will most likely be one of the great battles in this scene. However, since I did not get information from the set, I cannot say anything for sure. So we’ll have to wait for the second trailer to say something for sure.

However, according to my analysis during this exchange, even if there is no war between the two sides, Peter, the Pope’s man, or anyone we will see in the next episode, may intervene as an external factor. In other words, the exact time of clearing can be hit one of the two sides with an arrow and cause them to fight between them. So make sure that in the next section, the exchange between the two parties will not be in the form of an over, the events will be extended. Now let’s come to the army sent by the Byzantine Emperor to Aya Nikola and their commanders to Kalanoz.

According to my analysis, the new Commander Kalanoz will be a powerful commander. He will not be a naive and deceiving person like his brother in the last season. In fact, this arrival of Kalanoz will most likely come at full barter time. And in the meantime, as I just said, they can get messed up and cause a war between the two sides. Now let’s get to the subject of Turgut Bey. According to my analysis, Turgut Bey will not be included in the series in the near future. Of course, many people are watching different analysis videos and channels apart from me.

This discomfort is not actually related to whether Turgut Bey has come or not, or to the unsuccessful analysts who have used his pictures saying that Turgut Bey will come for months. They are concerned about their fraudulent tracking or earnings. The part that disturbs me is that people are wasted hope and played with their emotions. Because this is not a game or something simple. As an analyst, I told it a month ago.

When the series was about to start, I said that Turgut Bey will not be in this season, that is, in the second season, and that at best he could come to the season finale. It may even never come. However, the constant cheating of these fraudsters started to disturb me. Recently, apart from Turkish channels, foreign channels are also deceiving and misleading people who love the series by making montages like their own series. If we do not react, it will continue like this, even worse. So soon I will have an attitude towards channels that do this kind of thing.

I can hear you say, “ Look at your own business or forget it, brother. ” But I can no longer remain indifferent to these massive frauds and nonsense. Apart from this , regarding Köse Mihal and Yunus Emre, which were in the Ottoman period in history, according to my analysis, these characters will not be shown in the series in the near future. Maybe Yarhisar Tekfuru can turn into Köse Mihal. But we cannot understand this from one chapter.

Kurulus Osman Episode 51 reviews done !!
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