Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Important Questions Season 1

  • Our enemy is no longer one. Today we will not pity anyone. Attack! We will take Söğüt for one last blow. The time of that traitor is approaching. I will hit Osman the last blow with Togay. Now unsheathed, the pusat is on top of Nikola. Even if my friend who is among us is included, I wouldn’t look at his tears!
  • Although there will be almost a war between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun, what will happen and they will reconcile and marry in the next episodes? Who is the other spy in Oba, apart from Dündar Bey?
  • Or is this person Black Shaman Togay’s brother?
  • How did the Black Shaman Togay learn in which way they would return to Kayı Obas after Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun’s toys in Söğüt ?
  • Did Abdurrahman Gazi really die and become a martyr?
  • What will Osman Bey do when he learns that Abdurrahman Gazi is dead and that it is Togay who killed him?
  • Will Umur Bey’s secret plan, that is, the trap he set up for Aya Nikola to capture the İnegöl Castle, work?
  • Likewise, when will Umur Bey catch Dündar Bey, the traitor in Kayı Obama?
  • And what will be Dündar Bey’s secret plan in his promise that I will strike the final blow to Osman with Togay, as Dündar Bey said?
  • Will Aygül Hatun and Cerkutay break up, or will Aygül Hatun be a couple with Göktuğ Alp?
  • Will Gonca Hatun die?

You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Now let’s move on to the answers to the highly anticipated questions. First of all, let’s come to what will happen between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun, which is the most curious. In the last scene of the previous episode, Osman Bey and his alps caught Malhun Hatun and his alps and surrounded Malhun Hatun. According to my analysis, Osman Bey will not let Malhun Hatun pass, and he will turn him back on his way.

Although this trade is actually a trap set by Malhun Hatun and his father Umur Bey for Aya Nikola, they will not directly tell Osman Bey this secret plan on that scene. However, after Osman Bey sent Malhun Hatun back to Umur Bey’s oba, he would be angry that he came and warned Umur Bey again and gave horses to his enemies to strengthen him. At this very moment, Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun will probably be able to tell Osman Bey about the secret plan and gain Osman Bey’s trust again.

So, in this part, Umur Bey and his obasi will be allied with Osman Bey, since they cannot conquer İnegöl Castle alone. Although it is shown to us that there will be problems between Kayı Obası and Umur Bey’s obas in the past chapters, they will come together at this time of conquest and there will be a permanent alliance between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun’s wedding.

Now let’s get to the other traitor except Dündar Bey in the camp. Because in the previous episode, after the wedding of Togay, Boran Alp and Gonca Hatun, the Black Shaman learned which way they would return and set up an ambush. This time, because Dündar Bey would not do the treason, because he was also in ambush with his wife Hazal Hatun. This treachery will be made by someone from Kayı Obasi or by Umur Bey.

However, since Dündar Bey was also a traitor after the Potter Idris, he will not be shown another traitor from Kayı Obama in the series, so this traitor will be a mongolian from Umur Bey’s obese. In fact, although I thought that this spy would be Bahadır Bey, one of the most trusted men of Umur Bey , maybe this person could be the assistant girl next to Malhun Hatun because he does not look like a Mongolian at all.

In fact, this person may be one of Togay’s other two siblings , just like Alangoya, the sister of Togay’s father Noyan, whom he put in as a spy for Kayı obese at the same time in Diriliş Ertuğrul . Of course, this is one of the possibilities in this scenario. But it doesn’t hurt to say it anyway.

Another question is, is Diriliş Ertuğrul for five seasons, is Abdurrahman Gazi, who played in the TV series Establishment Osman for two seasons, really dead? This part has nothing to analyze. So the direct answer is, yes, he was martyred and left the series. However, the death of Abdurrahman Gazi and the fact that Togay killed him will cause Osman Bey to become more angry with Togay and make bigger moves.

In other words, Osman Bey, who has been weakened by traitors for the last few episodes in the next episodes, will come stronger. However, as shown in the trailer before, Dündar Bey will be in alliance with Togay and will deal one more blow to Osman Bey. But with the help of Umur Bey, who seems to be his enemies, with the help of Osman Bey, Dündar Bey, who was a traitor, will emerge, and after this help, the ties between Kayılar and Umur will be strengthened and sealed with marriage.

On the subject of Aygül Hatun and Cerkutay, according to my analysis, the reason why this kind of scenario was written is only because there are always good things between this couple recently, a breaking point is being prepared. In other words, in the next episodes, Aygül Hatun and Cerkutay will be shown as if they are at odds. However, with Cerkutay becoming a Muslim and confessing his love to Aygül Hatun, they will have a wedding. Of course, the enemies will not be idle as always at the wedding time.

As it is certain that Göktuğ Alp and Aygül Hatun will not be a couple anymore on Göktuğ Alp, either with the assistant of Malhun Hatun or with a new girl who will be included in the series, Göktuğ Alp will be a couple. As for Gonca Hatun, Gonca Hatun will not die. According to my analysis, if Gonca Hatun were to be killed, Togay, who was shown to us as a master archer, would have killed Gonca Hatun not from the right, but by shooting him in the heart, just like Abdurrahman Gazi.

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