Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Important Questions Season 1

Before moving on to what happens after Dündar Bey’s treachery and the Aya Nikola secret plan, let’s begin the analysis with the alliance of Osman Bey and Umur Bey, thanks to Sheikh Edebalı. Because according to the plot, I will first analyze this part and then give answers to other questions. In the last episode, Şeyh Edebalı confronted Osman Bey and Umur Bey and was instrumental in revealing the facts. Afterwards, Osman Bey, who looked at the ring, said loudly that Umur Bey could also hear that he was Dündar Bey.

In fact, in this part, Osman Bey could also tell the name of the traitor from within, but would not reveal it to Umur Bey. In other words, according to my analysis, Umur Bey, who learns that Dündar Bey is the traitor after that scene, will tell Osman Bey that he is no longer a traitor, and more importantly, his trade with Aya Nikola is actually a trap to get the İnegöl Castle. After that, there will be no problems between them anymore, they will start to become an alliance again. Now let’s talk about Dündar Bey’s treachery and Aya Nikola’s secret plan.

In the last scene of the last episode, Dündar Bey saw Osman Bey and Umur Bey go to Şeyh Edebalı and hid in a corner. According to my analysis, after Osman Bey learns that the traitor is Dündar Bey, he will go out and immediately order Dündar Bey to be captured. Right in this part, either Dündar Bey or Petrus will hear this and help Dündar Bey escape from Söğüt and take him to Aya Nikola’s castle.

However, according to my analysis, it will not be revealed that Peter is a spy yet. However, it may be he who told Osman Bey that Dündar Bey went to Aya Nikola’s castle. Because in the trailer, we first see that Dündar Bey was not found anywhere, but then Gündüz Bey learned that Dündar Bey was in İnegöl Castle and went there. Now let’s get to Aya Nikola’s secret plan. Logically, after learning that Dündar Bey is a traitor, Aya Nikola also knows that Dündar Bey has betrayed him.

So why would Aya Nikola not work, will cause problems for him, and protect Dündar Bey in his castle, even though he knew that he took Osman Bey against him? According to my analysis, Aya Nikola’s original plan is to use Osman Bey’s emmi, Dündar, as he knows he wants to take revenge. In other words, Dündar may ask for some things in exchange. Or the exact trade time could set a trap. So there are many possibilities. But Aya Nikola’s real plan is not to protect Dündar Bey, but to use him and deal a great blow to Osman Bey.

It is not even known, Aya Nikola can trick the Prosecutor Bey to avenge his son, lure him into a trap and kill him. Since there are many possibilities in this part, I will analyze again when the second trailer is shared. Now let’s come to the Black Shaman Togay issue. According to the new Mongolian Commander Camohan in the last episode, Togay set out to extort taxes from Tekfur, who did not pay taxes to Geyhatu Han. Actually, this part is not important. Because the most important part is why this character, which is highly acclaimed and attracted by coming to the series, will not be shown in a few episodes.

According to my analysis, the main reason why Togay did not show a few episodes is that the Black Shaman Togay, in terms of the script, first made frequent raids, left Osman Bey in a difficult situation, and then gained power by killing Abdurrahman Gazi, so Togay may not be in a few episodes.

Because now, after learning that the traitor in Kayı Obama is Dündar Bey, we will see the rise of Osman Bey. The traitor Dündar Bey was the reason for Osman Bey’s constant trap for a long time. As Osman Bey rises for this reason, the most logical move in terms of the scenario in the series to prevent the beloved villain Togay from falling, is to remove Togay a few episodes, bring a new Mongolian enemy and kill him by Osman Bey.

In other words, both Osman Bey will gain strength and Togay will not lose power. And the two strong and opposing sides will not fall out of favor. However, in this part, Togay will come to Söğüt by gaining even more power. Now let’s get to the subject of Malhun Hatun. In my past analysis, I have already told you that Malhun Hatun will experience a change in character and look more settled and better. And now it switches to the script I just mentioned. But what will happen next?

According to my analysis, Malhun Hatun will think more about this after asking her girl next to him whether I am arrogant. And in the upcoming episodes, be sure that he will control the strength and self-confidence he gained by being a gentleman’s daughter and combine it with humility. According to my analysis, the wedding of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun is not far away. So, of course, first Dündar Bey issue, then there are wars with the Mongols and the Byzantines. But be sure that in the next episodes, Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun will see more scenes, even if the wedding will not be among them immediately, their intentions will be clear.

Because now Osman Bey needs an heir to continue his lineage, and we need a gentleman who can become a wife to Malhun Hatun after Umur Bey’s obedience. Therefore, all arrows will point to Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun. Although what I will say soon is close to the finale of this season and maybe even the next season, the marriage of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun will now level up Kayı Obasi and will be the strongest principality in Anatolia with the support of Umur Bey’s oba.

However, Osman Bey’s gaining so much power will disturb other powerful principalities and cause him to come face to face with the Germiyanoğulları Principality. In the season finale or in the next season, we will definitely see the Seljuk State, which is in a period of collapse, and even the Sultan. But of course, these will happen in the future and I will not go into much detail for now, as there are scenarios with many possibilities.

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