Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Reviews  – dirilistv
Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Important Questions Season 1

I was just going to lay down her body, Peter, as if that woman came down from heaven. You are not alone, Osman Bey!

If Osman Bey will cope with each difficulty, what are you ready to say Bala Hatun?

I am not going to learn to share the burden of my master from you, girl! I wait for the brave who will give my heart. Allah’s supply is very large, Malhun Hatun, of course, one day he will come across you. You keep searching. Do not worry, Bala Hatun, the man whom I will give my heart to, is undoubtedly the son of a gentleman. One day, this gentleman will find his daughter. If I do not shred that demon to pieces and throw it to the birds, let them not say Osman Bey, son of Ertuğrul Gazi!

Who will win the war between Osman Bey and Aya Nikola in the last scene of the last episode?

Because in the next episode , we see both Osman Bey and Aya Nikola talking to Camoha as if nothing had happened. Or will the War end in a draw?

And what is the reason why Camoha wanted people who fled Yarhisar on Togay’s order?

How will the balance change after the betrayal of the Pope’s men, Peter and Simon, to Aya Nikola and Togay?

Or will Petrus and Simon want to ally with Osman Bey against Aya Nikola and Togay?

Who is the person Umur Bey placed next to him in order to control his daughter Malhun Hatun and find out what he is doing?

How will the relationship between them develop with the increasing trust of Osman Bey against Malhun Hatun and the change of the character of Malhun Hatun now?

And when will their marriage be?

What is the reason for the explosion?

Or will Aya Nikola realize that the gunpowder is stolen and set a trap for Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun?

Will Hazal Hatun return to take revenge after his brother Yavlak Arslan goes to his office?

When will Cerkutay become a Muslim and wear Kayı clothes?

And when will her marriage be with Aygül Hatun?

First of all, let’s start with the analysis with the war scene that will have the most impact on the next episode. According to my analysis, the battle scene will not continue as in the last episode. I mean, we normally see us fighting against the army of Aya Nikola, with only Osman Bey and a few dozen alpies. However, in the trailer, apart from Osman Bey’s unity, we see that Gündüz Bey and his alps from the right side and Malhun Hatun and his alps from the left side support. However, Aya Nikola will still not retreat in this part, until the troops in the tunnels arrive.

However, in this part, Aya Nikola will begin to lose when Aygül Hatun, Cerkutay, Göktuğ Alp and Melik, the man of the pope, destroy the troops in the tunnels with gunpowder. Afterwards, Aya Nikola will soon realize that he was betrayed and trapped and will begin to retreat. Although the war seems unfinished, Osman Bey will cause great damage to Aya Nikola’s armies and stop him for a short time.

So what was the reason for Togay and Camoha to go to İnegöl Castle next to Aya Nikola? Although it seems as if there is a problem between Aya Nikola and Togay, the two sides will form an alliance in the next episode. First Osman Bey and then the pope’s men will want to take revenge on Peter and Simon. It is precisely in this part that some people from Yarhisar will take shelter in Osman Bey, with the mixing of Yarhisar.

As a result, Camoha will come to Kayı Obas and ask people from Yarhisar back. However, just like his father Ertuğrul Gazi, Osman Bey will not surrender those who took refuge in him to the enemy. Apart from this, I have just told you that Aya Nikola and Togay will unite and fight against Osman Bey and the Pope’s men who betrayed them.

According to my analysis, Petrus can establish a short-term alliance with Osman Bey with the logic that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Because Aya Nikola knows that only the pope’s men know the location of the tunnels other than himself and Togay. So it won’t be long before he finds out that they betrayed him. Likewise, it won’t be long before Aya Nikola realizes that gunpowder has been stolen and used to blast tunnels.

He can even learn that Malhun Hatun and Umur Bey are in this business. And if he finds out, he can set a trap for Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun this time. However, since there are many possibilities for the scenario in what will happen in these parts, I will explain it in my next analysis videos. Now let’s talk about Umur Bey, the person Umur Bey placed next to him in order to control Malhun Hatun.

According to my analysis, this person will be Alaca Hatun next to Malhun Hatun. Well, do not say that it is normal to be the man of Umur Bey, who is one of Umur Bey’s obedience. Because if you noticed in the last episode, Umur Bey talks to Alaca Hatun and learns what is going on from Alaca Hatun, not from his daughter, before he calls Malhun Hatun.

After that, with the arrival of Malhun Hatun, he sends the exit sign to Alaca Hatun and then he listens to what happened from his daughter Malhun Hatun. Even then, Umur Bey gets angry with Malhun Hatun for acting without informing him and without orders. Although Umur Bey did not extend the subject after Malhun Hatun said that I did it on the order of Osman Bey, Umur Bey gradually realizes that Malhun Hatun has an interest in Osman Bey. Afterwards, the series will show that the marriage of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun was for political purposes, as it would not be shown as if a married man fell in love with another girl.

However, according to my analysis, this marriage can be shown both for political purposes and the love between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun. But this love will not be like Osman Bey’s love with Bala Hatun. The love that will be between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun will be in the way of developing their obedience, becoming a state and empowering for future generations. The marriage of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun will be in an average of three or four episodes without the season finale. But according to my analysis, Aygül Hatun and Cerkutay may be married before their marriage.

Because if he is not martyred in a few episodes at most, Cerkutay will be a Muslim, and he will be a Kayi alpi with a change of character and dress. After that, there will be no problem in marrying Aygül Hatun. On the subject of Hazal Hatun, I normally said in my analyzes that Hazal Hatun would die at the hands of Aygül Hatun or Lena Hatun, which I think should have been. However, in terms of the scenario, Hazal Hatun was sent to the Çobanoğulları principality next to Yavlak Arslan, his brother.

According to my analysis, the reason why Hazal Hatun was not killed in terms of the scenario is that he will either return to take revenge and be killed like that, or, as in history, when Çobanoğulları went to Obas, he was raided by the Mongols and died there. But as I said second, since the scenario will be left unfinished, probably Hazal Hatun will return to take revenge. He can even come with his son Bahadır, who has not been shown to us for a long time. As always, all the analyzes we have done, including last week, continue to turn out to be correct.

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