Kurulus Osman Episode 56 Reviews

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Kurulus Osman Episode 56 Reviews

Kurulus Osman Episode 56 Reviews  – dirilistv
Kurulus Osman Episode 56 Important Questions Season 1

The enemy will play. We will spoil it. We will install it again, we will break it again. Togay, I will arrive next to Togay. My lord exiled me to Andalusia. I did not find it right to leave without saying goodbye, Osman Bey. How will Osman Bey defeat both the Black Shaman Togay and the new hundred guards who joined his unit, as well as Aya Nikola and the other landlords who came to support him, when he has so many enemies at the same time?

  • will the Prosecutor be a martyr in these wars?
  • What are the things that are ready in Helen saying to Aya Nikola in the trailer, everything is ready to crush the Turks?
  • Who was the person who went with the horse that Osman Bey jumped on? And what is the main reason Osman Bey wants to meet with Togay?
  • Will Umur Bey really exile Malhun Hatun?
  • And if he is exiled, when will Malhun Hatun be included in the series?
  • Or will Togay set an ambush on them on the way into exile?
  • What is the trouble that Geyhatu Han said in the last episode that kept Geyhatu Han too busy to deal with Anatolia?
  • You will soon learn the answers to all these questions and more.

First of all, let’s begin the analysis with how Osman Bey will defeat the Black Shaman Togay and Aya Nikola even though they got stronger. As we can see in the trailer, three more tekfur came to the İnegöl Castle, apart from the Yarhisar Tekfur in Anatolia, next to Aya Nikola. Although the castle of Aya Nikola is shown as an image in this part of the trailer, he says that in the background, Gündüz Bey Osman Bey and Togay’s unit joined a hundred more guardians. So enemies will be stronger with more.

And according to my analysis, even if Osman Bey will fight with so many soldiers in terms of the scenario, he will suffer great losses, that is why the most logical move to be made is because the Turks and Mongols have the same ancestor Genghis Khan, as in Diriliş Ertuğrul, Even if they are enemies, they can be short-term alliances in line with their goals.

This alliance will probably be based on taxes that the Byzantine landlords could not pay. Because the main request of Geyhatu Khan is tax, that is money, Osman Bey will say to Togay that I will give you the tax that Byzantium could not give, but he will speak in the manner that you will not interfere with my development in these lands. In the end, this alliance will not be long-lasting, because it is Togay who killed the heirloom of Ertuğrul Gazi, Abdurrahman Gazi, after the short-term alliance will continue with the war between them again. And in the war that will take place in the next two chapters, unfortunately, this time Savcı Bey will be a martyr.

Because the name of the war in the history of Prosecutor Bey’s death and Lena Hatun’s feelings in the last episode confirm this in terms of the scenario. Helen de Everything is ready promise to crush the Turks as Agios Nikolaos say the war in fragments, according to my analysis is the scenes directory scenes which end is right, will battle began towards the end of Aya Nikola future episodes strengthened by military forces of other governor. In the trailer, Kalanoz will be the person who goes with the horse that Osman Bey has jumped on.

After all, Kalanoz is the only person without hair in the series. However, this is still not clear, it could be a trap. After all, it makes no sense to have Kalanoz alone in the forest, not in the castle, during the war. What is even more different is that Osman Bey is alone while chasing this person. So although this scene seems simple, it is a bit complicated. In the new trailer about the next episode, it is understood what is the real thing. So let’s move on to the answers to other questions without further ado.

Now let’s see whether Umur Bey will actually exile Malhun Hatun. Unfortunately, according to my analysis, Umur Bey will exile Malhun Hatun. Although it is to fight, he will want to keep him away for a while, as he does business unaware of his brain and his father. However, when Malhun Hatun sets out for exile, he will either come back because of an incident on the way or he will probably fall into a trap. And it may be Togay who trapped him. Osman Bey may even want to meet with Togay for this reason.

All in all, these are among the possibilities, but it will not be very pleasant if Malhun Hatun is also captured to Togay again, whatever it is, twice whatever it is, this time again. Our other question is about the troubles that Geyhatu Han told to Osman Bey by Gündüz Bey. These troubles, as in history, are the troubles that occurred during the period of the Mongols collapse. In other words, as we know, since the lands that he conquered after Genghis Khan were not managed properly between his children and even his grandchildren, these lands started to be fragmented during the time of Geyhatu Han.

Of course, Geyhatu Han has other rivals, that is, relatives However, in terms of script, Geyhatu Han’s influence will not be too much in the series until the season finale. With the analysis about what will happen in this next chapter, let’s come to the longer-term analysis. According to my analysis, the battle that will take place in the next chapter is towards the end of the chapter, and this war will continue in the next chapter. And when the wars are over after an average of two or three episodes, and if there is no captivity or such a situation, Cerkutay may become a Muslim and then marry Aygül Hatun.

Unfortunately, the spies of Aya Nikola, who came with the people of Yarhisar, will cause trouble for Osman Bey. And according to my analysis, these spies can kidnap Ahmet Alpi from Kayı Obama, maybe Lena Hatun’s baby, maybe even Aygül Hatun’s baby. So, of course, these are the things that can be among the possibilities, but unfortunately, such a thing can also happen. Apart from this, when Petrus, who was left alone, learned that his partner Simon was killed by Aya Nikola, according to my analysis, he will not set out to take Osman Bey’s letter and take it directly to the pope.

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