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Friends, today I have come up with a very cool article. In which I am going to share a list of all Turkish drama serials, which depict history and Islam and which you can learn some lessons from watching. Today we will tell you about various dramas that you can watch in your free time. I can say with confidence that you will learn a lot from these drama series.

1. Dirilis Ertugrul:


In my rating list, Dirilis Ertugrul is number one. Almost all of you have seen the Dirilis Ertugrul serial. It reflects twelfth-century Turkish history. The resurrection of Usman Ghazi’s father is well illustrated in Deir ez-Zor. History is rarely mentioned in this play, but it is enough to teach you a lot. The play depicts Turkish culture and Islam. The drama is being aired in Urdu dubbing on Pakistan’s state-run TV channel. You can easily see it there. There are a total of 5 seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul. Which was aired on TRT channel in Turkey from 2014 to May 2019. The full 5 seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul consist of 150 episodes of two hours.


2. Kurulus Osman:


Kurulus Osman is also presented by Mehmet Bozdagh, the director of Dirilis Ertugrul. And this is a continuation of Deir ez-Zor. The play revives the great Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The Kurulus Osman serial is telecast every Wednesday night on ATV, a private Turkish channel. It has aired 42 episodes so far. It is a very beautiful and high quality production which is being appreciated all over the world. According to a conservative estimate by a private website company, the play is watched by 1.5 million people every week. It has become Turkey’s biggest drama to date.


3. Mehmetcik Kutul-Amara and Kutul-Zafar:


This drama is also a production of Mehmet Bozdagh. There are only two seasons of this drama. The first season is Kutul-Amara and the second season is Kutull-Zafar. Both seasons consist of 33 two-hour episodes. The play tells the stories of the great soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. This was the time when the British were advancing against the Ottoman Empire. The series features Ottoman soldiers guarding Baghdad, Basra and Kutul-Amara. This is a great series. The series features the efforts of Suleiman Askari, Anwar Pasha, Halil Pasha, Nooruddin Pasha and Skoplo Ali. You can learn a lot by watching this series. Seeing the struggle of the drunkards for freedom, one’s faith fills up again. All of you should start this serial after Dirilis and Kurul Osman.


4. Payitaht Abdülhamid:


It is a wonderful drama series based on the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan II. Four seasons of the play have been completed, while the fifth season is currently airing in Turkey. The drama is being presented by the serial TRT. The play depicts the important events of the last 13 years of Sultan Abdul Hamid’s reign.


5. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Awakening of the Great Seljuks):


The system is also called the same drama. The drama began a short time ago. The play is invented by Emre Konak, who has previously portrayed Sultan Abdul Hamid. The series filmed the history of positive characters such as Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi, Imam Ghazali, Umar Khayyam, Khawaja Yusuf Hamdani, Sultan Ahmad Sanjar and the history of negative characters such as Christians, Gohar Naseeba, Fatimid Khilafah and Hassan bin Sabah, the founder of the Fidai organization. Is. It is a wonderful drama that tells the story of the rise of the Seljuks. The first season of this drama has been completed so far which consisted of 34 episodes.

6. Yunus Emre:


This drama is also a production of Mehmet Bozdagh. The play tells the life story of the great Turkish poet Yunus Emre. And the best part is that it is also being aired on PTV under the name of Rah-e-Ishq with Urdu dubbing. Earlier, this masterpiece has been presented by Televastan TV with Urdu subtitles.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the public to watch the Turkish drama serial Younis Emre. He said that those who are attached to knowledge must watch this drama serial.

The play about the great Sufi Turkish poet Younis Emre and his mentor Tapak Emre is being shown in Urdu dubbing on Pakistan Television.

7. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal:


This great historical serial produced by Qatar Television in which the life of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal has been filmed has been performed by artists from seven Arab countries. The play is set in more than two years. Most of it was filmed in Lebanon and Turkey. It deals with all the important events in the life of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, as well as the conquests of that time.

8. Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi:


This Turkish drama is based on the life of Sultan Muhammad II who conquered Constantinople. After the death of his father, Sultan Muhammad ascended the throne in 1451. He always dreamed of conquering Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul).

Sultan Muhammad had to fight not only against the Eastern Roman Empire and the Christian Empire but also against his internal enemies of the Ottoman Empire, such as Halil Pasha. He did not give up and finally conquered the impossible city of Constantinople within 51 days.


9. Seddulbahir 32 Saat:


Seddulbahir 32 Saat is a Turkish mini-series aired on Turkish channel TRT1. The series premiered on January 14, 2016.

The drama series is a true 32-hour story of a Turkish soldier in the Mediterranean during the World War II.

Seddulbahir 32 Saat is a true story about seven brave Turkish soldiers, who numbered only 300 in front of thousands of British troops. The war lasted 32 hours, with very few Turkish soldiers martyred, while thousands of British soldiers were killed in the fighting.


10. Osmanlida Derin Devlet:


Osmanlida Derin Devlet is also a Turkish serial. It has a total of 26 episodes.

This drama dates back to the eighteenth century, during the reign of Sultan Ahmad Soom (3), often referred to as the Ottoman Spring or the Silk Age. There were several uprisings during this period, the most prominent of which was the uprising of Petrona Khalil, an agent of the unseen powers. Which also had the support of Safavid Iran.


11. Harun Al-Rashid:


The drama serial Haroon Al-Rasheed Malik is a series of Syria, which fully depicts the life and caliphate of the caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate, Haroon Al-Rasheed.

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